Wednesday, December 03, 2008


So I'm in San Fran, and I'm filming with Falcon again(I LOVE IT!!).... this time around its for their Mustang Line...

I'm excited to do this movie... Steven Cruz and Leif Gobo is directing this one. This is going to be a good way!!! I had a chance to meet my scene partner Tristian Mattews..... I like the Kid..I met him several times before and he is a ball of energy. I had the chance to talk to him.. He has that nervous energy around me... I LOVE IT!!! We are physically attracted to each other and that's a good thing.....So it should be a Fun shoot.

Joe Oppedisano is shooting the stills for this movie... The Man knows his Business!!! Lets put it this way..... I'm a Fan of his work!!! He makes the models look Amazing!!! This isn't a suck up to anybody!!!I'm really a fan of his work!!! When I heard he was doing the stills for this movie..... I packed a huge suitcase full of clothes(DUH!!!) a famous photographer is going to take Ur Stills and u don't have different clothes for different Looks(DUH!) I was ready for this Shoot!!!

This will be my Last Shoot for the Year..And I'm going out with a Bang!!! I have some New positions to bring to table(Bully, Motorcycle)I'm bringing the 360 and the Rocka Bye Baby....yes funny names for positions but when u see them U will be like Damn How does this guy do it?????

Anyway Stills tomorrow, and I will be on Set with Steven Cruz so I'm sure there will be some behind the scenes work, and some crazy shit happening backstage..... Anyway Fun times Fun times!!

I will give ya the Scoop on things on the Next Blog

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Jason P said...

I loved your work on Asylum, with Falcon. You really pull the audience in to your character, which heightens the scene. It was great.
Been getting info and advertising for Red Light, looking forward to seeing it.