Thursday, December 04, 2008


photo by Dick Mitchell

Above are Pics of Big Boss by Diesel Washington and Dick Mitchell

Yo its Nuts!!!!

I was shooting with Joe Oppedisano and the Pics are Nuts!!!! Alot of Chemistry on Set with Tristan Matthews and the Pics will show that!!! I had that boy in so many positions over my head, backwards, Bully, Motorcycle, 360 HOT HOT HOT PICS!! Big Boss shot by Joe Oppedisano will be Nuts!!!When it comes out. Stay Tuned!!

This is The Big Boss....... Ya Dig?

On the set, I was PIMPIN!!!!!! STR8 Pimping!!!

I really like the Set up and its a throw back to the 70's-80's style of Set..... This Movie Red Light Is One of reasons I decided to do Porn in the first place(Yes Money first)its a Movie!!! There is a Set, Stylist, Models, storyline.... and the ability to Add My Own Take on a classic theme......

The Sex Trade

This Movie is showing the more Darker side of the Trade...... Its funny to do this Movie....being involved in the Trade Real Time....... Shit!!! Diesel won Best Fetish Escort 2008... and Now Big Boss is coming to the Screen in RED LIGHT!! But with a Twist.... I'm the Client.....

Say Word????

I have to play against Type once again (Double Standard romantic scene)so it will be interesting to see How I pull this Off.... I'm going into it with plenty of energy and some tricks up my sleeve(LOL).

Nuts Nuts Its going to be Insane!!!! I'm so ready to shoot this!!!!

In other News Big Shout to my Peeps Who were nominated for Performer of Year: 7th Ann XBiz Awards...

Jason Crew- Told Ya things would get better!!!
Damien Crosse- My Homey!!!! Congrats Man!!! LOVE YA MISS YA!!!!
Steve Cruz- See on Set! Big Man
RJ Danvers- Sexy Boy Congrats
Wolf Hudson- Prince of Kink LOL
Erik Rhodes- Congrats
Blake Riley- Congrats Hot Ass, U got Ur motherfucking Ass everywhere!!! Love Ur Butt Mold!!!
Max Schutler- HOT HOT HOT HOT ASS!!! Congrats I still taste Ur Ass!!
Ricky Sinz- What up Homey!!! Dude U making things happen!!! Nice!!

So I have to get ready to Lay the Smack Down on this Bitch on Set!!!!

I got money to burn!!! Shovin Dick in Ya Ass!!! Cause U must Learn!!! Fuck It!! Give me another Bottom to Blaze out!!! Working Two Asses, stretching Asses Until they Pass Out!!

Peace HO's


filmfanatikk said...

Lookin' smoking hot as always, D!


Tristan Mathews said...

AWWW....My lil Diesel Love ya babe!!!!!

RJ Danvers said...

Thank you mister, I am so excited about this! :-) When am I gonna get to see you again?

Stag said...

Love you too big D!