Sunday, December 28, 2008


Okay I had my Christmas, and it was very good!!! I got all I asked for!!! So that is that!! I really dont like the holidays, its all boring and shit and NYC is packed with tourists that make traveling on the trains impossible. Everybody is out shopping and returning shit and NYC is just Hectic this time of the year. Then it gets even worse on New Years Eve when the Cops close down the streets and trains(yes they shut down stations)so really I cant wait until this shit is over. Sorry to those who love the holidays.....but I hate this time of the year. I cant wait until its Jan 2 all that shit is finished and I have a Trip to Las Vegas to look forward to.

So to Recap this weekends events lets start:

Now its strange but Dexter Delarge crashed The Boss Party over at the Rentboy Calendar Release Party.. On hand was Vin Nolan, Dick Mitchel(photographer) Sean Van Sant(Love ya!!) and Dexter. It was strange because everybody expected The Big Boss to show up but instead Dexter. Dexter has been getting alittle out of hand lately!!! I think its cause of the Fact that The Big Boss got a movie before him.... I dont know? But Dexter had some drinks and alittle Fun with Vin Nolan...Yes we had bottle service at the table and Dexter had to take a piss so he grabbed an empty Vodka bottle and pissed in it. That's so Special Dexter.... And I guess Vin had to take a piss so we shared the same bottle and we mixed both Our Nectars.....alot of hands grabbing for the bottle afterwards trying to get a taste(I Shit U Not!!!!)

So from there Dexter had his Gig at the Eagle, Dexter DeLarge on stage dancing for those Ruff Leather Clad Gents!!! Dexter ever the Party Guy picks up someone from the crowd and start tossing him around on Stage. Well it was called the Merry Mayhem Ball and Dexter was a perfect fit. Headlining was Johnny Gunn Hot House Exclusive, such a cute little guy, I could pick him up and put him in my pocket. See pic above. And no Johnny wasnt Drunk or high in Pic.... Its called giving him a Bear Hug and him resting his Head on Dexter's Chest.....enjoying the moment!!LOL

What else?

I have been busy lately, it was a long weekend and handling business.... I only have two weeks of Gym to be in shape by Las Vegas... I'm in shape but there is always room for Improvement!! Next Stop Las Vegas!!!

As far as New Year's I will be attending some parties through out New York, I dont know which Party I will work but its that time of the Year that everybody is partying for Days and Days so its Money Time!!!

I will post another blog, cause I have some subjects that I want to talk about.... The State of Porn, Working with Former Bareback Models, Directors, and Still Photographers.

Yes there are Errors and Spelling errors, Run on Sentences THE WORKS!!!

I had to write this on the Fly today Stay tuned!!!

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