Monday, December 29, 2008


Jim Jones ft. Juelz Santana "Pop Champagne" - NEW Music Video

Busta Rhymes - NEW Music Video - Arab Money

Rihanna - Take A Bow

Big Boss has a Movie about to come out and Look for his interview on the Falcon blog and Steven Cruz blog 2009. He's about to hit like a bag of bricks. So be ready for that.

I wanted to put up a few Vids that Boss is digging lately.....

Still stay tuned for blogs coming up........ Working with Bareback Models, State of the Industry, Directors, Still photographers.

This was just a quick post just to let ya know, that Im working hard and even though the Haters are out there. Im still fighting hard to keep my Head above Water.

I will say this though.... And its not only Me who is thinking this....


I Havent even touched the waters of Fame yet.... And I Damn Sure Aint Rich or even Close!!!!

Im not Big Time, Im not a Celebrity........

I had a Reality Check Lately... Granted I get alot of Press..... As far as my Peers giving me credit for Adding to the Industry!!!Its there!!! I have alot of models that respect my Work, Directors, Studio Heads... but Im still not getting that Respect I deserve!!!

Sure Sure I won some awards and that in itself is very Flattering!!!

But I want to be seen for Being a Great Performer, and for the Fact that I write Scripts.. DOUBLE STANDARD, FOLSOM PRISON, PLAYBOOK(soon out)is really the area that I want some respect in!!!!

The Other Area is Acting!!! I never claimed to be the Best Actor....But Next Year U will see the Diesel character in different ways. Acting being the First Big change.. Most think that Diesel cant Act YES HE CAN!!!! U WOULD BE SURPRISED!!!

For Two years, I was this Mean and Aggressive Power Top. Most dont give me credit for Diesel, hes a character!!!! The Actor is "The Editor" and Diesel is one of his many characters...Just like "The Big Boss" and "Dexter DeLarge"

Thinking back, I scared so many peoeple, everybody thought I was this mean and aggressive guy. Even Funnier Most thought I was Str8, Gay for Pay bah bah bah.... That is so not the case!!! I have been called everything from Street Thug, Muscle God, Macho Fucker, Muscle Stud to now when People are calling me "The Angry Black Man" but Im still here!!!!!

Some Porn stars come and go, they do 1 year and they go all out and then are soon forgotten!!! I have been here almost 3 years, still havent been over exposed. In that time I had only one Cover (Front and Center) and worked with Three Companies outside of Titan.

I have a long way to go, I havent done many websites, and Im looking forward to that. And On a Personal level, there are alot of models that I want to work with on their private sites.

I COULD GIVE A SHIT ABOUT ALL THE NEWCOMERS COMING INTO INDUSTRY!!! I worked hard to get to where I'm at and Im not about to give up now!!!!

2009 look for the "The Bully" "The Motorcycle" "The Shot Glass" and I have one other position that I will add to this mix.

Now A friend of mine sent me this Link, Since he knows that Diesel created the "Bully" "The Motorcycle" and "The Shot Glass"

On the the Chocolate News TV Show(on Comedy Central) starring DAVID ALAN GRIER there is a character called Licorice Stick... A Black Porn Star..... I found it funny as shit. I watched the Vid over and over... And I must say Licorice Stick sounds just like me!!! Is Licorice Stick, Diesel Washington in 20years???????
Funny Shit Check it out!!!


Anonymous said...

The clip! "The bone-in Ribeye!" HAAAA!!

You can't bring up Dexter DeLarge's name without getting me all flustered...

Wonder Man said...

your time is coming, they can't deny what you bring to game.