Friday, July 20, 2007


After the the Pool party, Yeah I look alittle rough in this pic I had some drinks and this was coming off the dance floor and then there is a camera in ur face. . I went back to the resort to hangout by the pool and just relax before the After party. At this point, I was disappointed that I didn't mingle more with the Fans. I was really tired the first day of the trip so I was getting my energy back slowly and napped during the down times between events. Now If I had energy I would be online and networking my part time job while I was in town and make a good sum of cash. But I really treated this like a Vacation of sorts, I was traveling around and working hard just making appearances. I told myself and Roy Jones that I would make a effort to be more friendly and just loosen up and have fun.

Now on to Club Steel, I was alittle shocked to see that not many people came to the club. It was a good crowd but it seemed like it wasn't the hot spot to go to on a Saturday night. Too bad for the Fans, Diesel was in full effect tearing up the dance floor with Roy Jones(I will introduce ya to him in another post) I have always said I like to go out and dance and have fun. As of lately, since doing Porn I haven't really had enough time to really let loose on the dance floor. At Steel I danced(while the crowd watched)and had a blast on the dance floor.
Also there was a performance by a drag queen on stage, the Rentboy/Fabscout models were on hand to help out the performance. Good times Good times!!!
Fake Asses, lets talk about that for a second. A fake ass(in this case) are all the porn stars, escorts and hookers at these parties. I like to flirt(call it going to a hot boy and saying I want to fuck ya) When Ur 6'6 240lbs people tend to be very intimidated by me!! Now Im aggressive in getting a ass to fuck. I was repeatedly turned down by everybody(Its True!!!)by every hooker, escort, porn star. But the funny part is, when the cameras are around every hooker wants their picture taken with me. In the process of taking the pics, the hookers are grabbing at my cock, rubbing their asses against my dick and their hands are all over me. The comments are either"I have saw Ur work and there is no way I can take ya!" to "Dude Ur huge, and I have a client later or filming a movie in the next few days(which makes sense)and they don't want to be torn up and worked over. This was happening at the Pool Party, BoardWalk and now at Steel. Its strange to have people always grabbing on ya when the cameras are around. But when u want to fuck them for real, they get all scared and make up excuses why they cant get fucked. Fake Ass Teasers!!! LOL I seem to be ranting about nothing. Let me finish this post so I can move on to the next one. Check out more pics of the event at Thanks again to the people at and the Mad Paparazzi for taking the pics U guys rock u make my posting so much easier.

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