Tuesday, July 24, 2007


I had a great time in Fort Lauderdale, but I was getting tired of the turn downs and people only wanting to suck my cock, Leech behavior(people only wanting to be around when the cameras are out)and generally I needed a vacation from this working vacation. It almost wasn't going to happen cause I was so fed up with the Fort Lauderdale attitude I wanted to pack up and just go home. But I said fuck it and wanted to push on to Miami, the energy is different and the people are hotter by far.
I was tired of sitting around asking myself"What the fuck is wrong with People down here in Fort Lauderdale???" As soon as I touched down in Miami, I felt the energy and as soon as I walked in the Lobby, I ran into this Hot Boy from Amsterdam. Geez I didn't know what the fuck was going on?? He was 21yr, 6'4 Blond, Blue crystal eyes, thin build and just a total fucking Hottie(sorry I didn't have my camera ready to take his Pic cause I was just shocked by him)damn he was cute. I wasn't ready to talk to him, I didn't know if he was gay or str8 or bisexual. But when I walked In the Lobby his eyes were locked on me and he was following me with his eyes. Actually he was the first one to speak, and with a thick European accent he asked"How tall are ya?" I didn't know how tall I was in meters, so I told him"I'm 6'6 but getting shorter everyday" I sounded like a total geek. He laughed and we continued to talk, mind ya I still didn't make it into the room yet. So I'm talking to this way way way hot boy in the Lobby and I haven't even checked into my room yet(suitcases and all in the middle of the Lobby)We continued to talk and then I noticed his hat(UFC on it)and found out that he was a fan of Mixed Martial Arts fighting(the flood gates open with this, cause I'm a huge fan as well)and we talked for about 30mins(meanwhile Roy knew what was going on and took the bags to the room)
Now I know what Ur thinking, I grabbed him and brought him back to room and fucked the shit outta him. Nope! I'm really good at spotting the gay boys(even when they try to act str8)but this kid was definitely str8, but he was just so fucking hot I couldn't take my eyes off him. I excused myself so I could get to the room cause I had to take a piss. I get into the room and Roy is like"So u need me to leave so u can do Ur thing?" I was like"The fucking Kid is Str8" He was like"Are ya Kidding? Dude as soon as we came into the Lobby his eyes were dead in Ur face."I was like"Yeah I know but I think hes str8".
Europeans are a funny bunch, they look directly in Ur eyes when u speak, and when in America seem to be very friendly and open to conversation(probably so they can practice their English) I needed to find out, cause if he was at least Bisexual he was mine!!!! I pushed the issue and this time came down to the Lobby shirtless(I know I know, but it was Miami and it was 3pm so it was pretty hot!!LOL) Guess who is still in the Lobby when I come down stairs? That's right Mr Amsterdam, this time his eyes were glued on me!!! Now I ran into this problem before, sometimes Str8 boys seem to want to hangout with me. I'm very manly, in decent shape, love sports, and when the person is hot I can be very friendly. We talked again, but this time he was the one who couldn't take their eyes off me. During Our chat his eyes would look me up and down, and often stop at my midsection, chest, arms and stomach. Trying to figure this guy out was killing me, I was about to just come out and ask"Are ya Gay or Str8 or whatever?" But one of his friends comes into the Lobby looking for the room key, and he excuses himself because he needed to go to the room and shower(previously he was at the beach)so that ended that quest(so I thought?)
I go back to room, and Roy is ready to hit the town. Roy was dieing to meet some girls, he was at gay events all weekend and this was his time to shine. So I put my Str8 hat on and decided its female time!!!!
Long story short, we picked up these blond chicks and had drinks, went dancing and then headed back to hotel room and fucked long and hard. Oddly enough I was more about pleasing the girls then getting off. Plus it was funny, we had double beds in the room so It was funny to see Roy plowing the hell outta his chick while watching me plow my girl at same time. We were like a tag team, I would tap him on the shoulder when I wanted to fuck his girl and vice versa(yes we party like that)he got to cum I didn't(I was wondering why???)I wasn't mad that I didn't cum. Probably the reason I didn't cum was I was kinda of drunk, the girls were from England so they kept buying drink after drink after drink(Girls buying me a drink???I have to do this more often LOL) Roy was a happy man, we put the girls in a cab and sent them home(they were passing out, and I don't share my bed with just any stranger(guy or girl)and we were in Miami we didn't need any Cling ons cause we still had another day.
Next day we went to the beach, and just walked on Ocean Drive feeling like a Rockstar(well at least Roy did). Saw this cute Red head(I don't know, he was just different and had great energy around him, I'm a energy person)I wasn't playing"Are ya Gay or Str8 or Bi game"with this one, I went to him aggressively and was like"Yo I don't know what Ur preference is, but I think Ur hot" His response"U are my preference" that's all he needed to say. I left Roy at the beach, went back to the hotel with the redheaded step child, and plowed him for about 3hours non stop, I came three times(each load was thicker than the next)I think he came four times. I was totally drained(such a great feeling)we left the hotel and went back to the beach.
I usually don't get attached to people(esp on Vacation)but he was a good kid so I let him hangout with me the rest of the day(shit someone that takes Ur dick for 3hours and cums four times back to back without a rest, without me pulling out to let him rest??)he showed me the Gay clubs in South Beach, there was Twist(it was alright,go go boys and two floors music and videos and outside garden) and then there was Scores(big dance club)and yeah I dragged Roy to these clubs as well(I didn't care he got laid already, and I paid for Our hotel while down there, so he was coming regardless)In short I had a great time and Miami was a fucking blast.
OOh Back to Mister Amsterdam, on the final day of my stay, I had another chance to talk to Mister Amsterdam. I had went to the local store to get some Sport drinks for the Hotel room(we had a Kitchen in Our room) and ran into him in the Lobby again(that seems to be the meeting spot)We talked in great detail about Fighting, and there was an instant connection(in regards to UFC fighting)so actually we talked for about an hour. In the middle of conversation, I started to touch him(on his shoulder, neck, stroked his hair)I couldn't help it. I thought I was being alittle too forward with him, but oddly enough he wasn't resisting my advances. Now mind ya I was touching him but very friendly touching. It wasn't like I was stroking his hair and looking into his eyes like we were about to kiss or anything. More of patting him on head, slapping his shoulder when he cracked a funny joke(I know I know I used any excuse to touch him)so the touching could be viewed as just boys hanging out.
At one point, the conversation changed to" "So U have a Girl friend, Wife, Or......? When he got to the Or part, I looked him straight in his eyes, Opened my mouth to speak................ and then his roommate came bursting into the Lobby, Almost immediately his body language changed, he became rigid and the energy changed. He introduced his roommate(who he was staying in the hotel with)and this kid was also hot, a French boy and Very Very Straight. We all wind up talking for a bit, and finally Mr Amsterdam settled down and became comfortable with me again, so much that I noticed his friend looking at him like"Dude Ur acting alittle Gay here". I have been through this situation before. Its been a common practice that Bi curious men have been attracted to me, but around their friends they tend to be alittle worried about how "They" and "I" would be looked upon. I guess I passed his "Straight Test" with his friend who was also interested in talking with me. So I guess Mr Amsterdam felt alittle ignored cause I wasn't giving him my total attention, so he became alittle aggressive in getting my attention(when we started talking about Mixed Martial Arts he wanted to put me in all these holds and became grabby with me, which I didn't mind at all!!) The French boy kinda of figured out what was going on with his friend and said"Well Guys I would love to talk more But I'm heading to the club(Mansion)to get some Girls!!!" He stressed the word "Girls" in his sentence, and then he left. There was a awkward silence as he left, we looked at each other and then BAM!!!! His phone rang, he started talking, and then he looked at me and was like"That was my Friend hes coming to pick me up and we are going to(Mansion)to pick up some Hot chicks. And then it went right into Hardcore Str8 boy talk, the talking of chicks, and tits, ass, and eating pussy. I guess the mood was gone, I was alittle crushed but at least I didn't give up my secret and neither did him. Before we parted he gave me that look like"We were coming to that Turning Point but the powers that be didn't let it be that way" I never saw that kid again, and the next day I had to fly out. But alas I was smart enough to leave my email, myspace page, and blog page with him on a card. So If Ur reading this Mr Amsterdam I'm glad I had a chance to meet ya!!!
There is something to be said about the old Cat and Mouse play, It was refreshing to step into unknown waters and just coast and float and feel each other out. I miss that sometimes, ever since I started to do porn it has been missing, most guys say I have seen Ur work and the first thing they go for is the body and cock and don't play hard to get(in a good way). U see how I breezed over fucking those chicks and fucking that cute red headed boy, but dedicated almost a page to Mr Amsterdam. Its funny......... But back to posting I have so much to write cause there are so many things going on right now. Stay tuned


G Cracker said...

So, wow Miami was a trip and a half, huh? At least you got some time to play, because a work vacation that's just work gets old real fast!

I have to say, I'm real impressed with the three hour fuck. Must've been *really* good for both of you!

Europeans always mess up my gaydar too. They're difficult to tell with until you get into a deep conversation with them. I think it's just because their culture is so much more metro, throws off the vibes and the energy.

Anonymous said...

that was a fun story. Thanks for the read. :)


Anonymous said...

glad you had fun in miami


Apollo said...

hey mister,

love reading your blog and i especially love checking out your photos!!

not sure if you ever going to come to australia (sydney) and hang out with us cute aussies... but i know of one cute aussie that'd have you for three hours!!

love your work... keep it up!!

if you want to correspond/email my address is apollo__79@hotmail.com (two underlines)

i'm a 27 year old tanned slim blonde blue eyed aussie!! :-P