Thursday, July 26, 2007


I hope u folks really appreciate all this fucking writing damn!!!! I have been posting and posting, I left for two weeks and If u was waiting to hear something Ur getting an ear full now. I recently posted about hanging out with Francois Sagat but didn't have any pics for ya. I heard from Sagat that his blog is up and running and has Our pics that we took when in San Fran so U can check out his blog, as well as mine(Shit I'm using the same pics) so of course check out his blog as well. Speaking of blogs I cant leave out Damien Crosse check out this blog . More blogs to write about check out Brandon Bakers blog, and the cute and ever so busy Angel Benton .
This might be a suck up but Angel Benton is always saying good things about me on his site. In person, hes kind of shy and quiet(at least I think he is). So make sure u go to his site and call him Peter Pan(hey I have to get revenge on ya for revealing some secrets LOL) Oh and Angel if Ur reading this, Congrats on the Job at Just Us Boys Magazine and much continued success. I have to give ya a big shout Angel, I see ya at many of the events, and u being blond and everything, I would think that u would be whoring around and just doing the slut thing. But Ur like me at the events, we do Our performance or gig and just sit back and watch the sluts go to work. And Ur not alone bro, at most events I too go back to the Hotel alone(which I don't have a problem with sometimes HAHAHAH)and go to sleep to prepare for the next day. Its not easy being Diesel Washington and AngelBenton takes alot of work(U guys have no idea how much work it is). Moving On........
Again I had a blast with Mister Sagat we actually had two days of hanging out together. The first day we were watching TV(Yo Mama, Top Chief, Sweet Sixteen, Flavor of Love etc etc) then we got up and hit the movies to see Transformers. After Transformers we hit up the gym and worked out(just to be ready for filming for the next few days)and then we hung out the next morning for an early workout at Golds Gym again. So I had a really great time with the man, are U guys jealous yet???????
So I have one more post before the weekend, my fingers are hurting cause I have been writing all week and giving as much info as I can(so stop bullshitting and leave me some comments cause If I don't get any feedback, why keep writing and busting my ass to bring the real deal???)so let me know what u guys are thinking. I have one more before the weekend and then I might take some days off cause Daddy is broke(vacations do that to ya)so look for me doing my Part time job soon(remember guys sometimes I can be picky) Talk to ya Later


Anonymous said...

Hi Diesel,
Did you like the Transformers? I loved it. I use to play with them when I was younger. I hope ya have a nice weekend & take care!


Anonymous said...

You look great in all the recent pictures. I went to Orlando a month ago. I loved it down there..I wish I could just move there! whuts ya other feelings bout it.


Anonymous said...

Hey Diesel,

I couldn't agree with you more about Angel. He's a total sweetheart and I'm very lucky to count him among my close friends.

I see you posted some pics I took of you in Ft. Lauderdale (I'm betting you got them from RJ Danvers). I have a bunch more of you if you would like them.

I didn't really get to talk to you in Ft. Lauderdale, cause like you and Angel, I prefer to stay in the background and let those who like the spotlight have it! lol

Anyway, i have a bunch of photos of you - some at the pool party, some dancing on stage at Voodoo, etc. If you would like them, drop me an email at and I'll send them your way.

Hope you're having a great week!


Anonymous said...

Please tell us more about your sex scene with Sagat instead

I'm really looking forward to seeing his little ass rammed by your big black cock in the upcoming movie :P

Anonymous said...

Hey Diesel
I read your blog EVERY day and love all the new updates, especially the pics and the stories of fucking pig bottoms...HOT.
Keep up the great have a LOT of avid readers !!

NYC Diesel Fan
ps: would you ever consider a fan club ?

Anonymous said...

Hi Diesel,
Your blogs are great and I just wanted to thank you for sharing with all of us. You seem like a really fun and cool guy so it's kinda fun to read about the things that go on in your life.


G Cracker said...

You and Francois are damn hot together (which is probably because both of you are so hot on your own). I already commented over on his blog about all of this, so I'm basically just repeating myself. :P
I looove the threesome idea you had, ps. It's too bad Francesco is a Hot House exclusive, that'll make it a little harder to do, won it?

Anonymous said...

Hi Diesel

You and Sagat look awesome together...really HOT.

Your fan,

Anonymous said...

I read your blog every week. It's about time I posted a comment. I love your blog and the great pics. Would you recommend The Transformers?

Domima!! said...

Hi Diesel,
Im glad you and Fsagat got to hang out a bit. I do have to say that the thought of my two Favourite Porn Stars in the world, just the thought of it, puts me in a state of orgasim. The both you ooze with sex appeal!!


ReggieH said...

Great (and hot) to see two favorites hanging out!

Anonymous said...

Hi Diesel,

You are just so hot! Make your way to Chicago some time, it can get very hot if you go to the right places!