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Wassup Diesel,I was wondering something and I'm not really sure ifyou've mentioned it yet. First off, I read your blogall the time. I haven't seen too many of your scenesbut the ones I have seen are tight.Anyway, I don't ever see you in pictures around theBlack Gay scene. Is that a preference of yours or isthat mainly because you work for titan and you prettymuch go where they send you?I'm not in the industry but I don't imagine the blackscene to socially be more negative in any way. Are you personally attracted to brothas?No, disrespect...I'm just tryin to see where your headis at. You're in NYC where there are some really dopebrothas (and papis). Most people will give a PC answerand say they don't see color and it's about theperson..blah, blah. But livin in NYC and being as realas I see you being on tha blog, I'm sure you'll giveme a better answer. 1
I wanted to start out by adding this email I received the other day, and I think I answered this question already. But I will answer it again, personally I have had sex with Black/White/Asian/Latin etc so color is not seen at all. To answer another question, Why haven't I plowed a Black Guy yet on film??? To better answer this, "Why Haven't any really hot Black guys with amazing bodies step up and jump into Porn??? When the Brothers step up and show and prove, then u will see me bang out a Brother. Speaking honestly, the Black community is so hung on being Manly, Player, Hustler, Baller that being Gay is a major problem . It was thought that if Ur gay, Ur a punk, soft, not a man. Hence u don't see openly gay rappers or singers or even sports figures. So I played DL(downlow)for years and got tired of it. I started escorting and then made the jump into Porn.
I get a ton of emails from Brothers saying thanks for doing Porn, Thanks for giving the Adult industry a New Superstar who is Black. I'm Black, not a Uncle Tom, or House Nigga, but at the same time I'm not a Thug or Gangster. I'm Diesel Washington, one mean cocky fucker.
Moving on........ I felt that I needed to post today, Happy 4th to everybody and I hope u had a great time. This post is random as hell, I even looked through some old pics and posted them just to show the time span and how the body looked a couple of years ago. I posted a Pic when I first signed with Titan showing my Contract. I posted some pics of a trip that I took about three years ago, and some other random pics.
I seem to have some time because I'm home relaxing for the 4th and sitting in the house watching Vh1, Mtv, Bravo, Espn to name a few channels. I know how exciting the life o If a Porn star sitting in front of a TV.
On another note, I have dropped off the radar almost completely now. What that means is I have no movies out until Sept/Oct, no magazine covers that I will be gracing any time soon. I'm hoping that I will be forgotten about............ To the smart person, this means that I get to work on my craft, update my looks, get more ink, work on some new positions and fucking style. I love the attention, but as a entertainer u have to come out strong, shock the people and then retreat for alittle, U have to get the people to want more of ya!!!
I had a great year, nominated Best Newcomer (Gayvn) Nominated for Best Newcomer(Grabbys)and my movie Folsom Filth won Best Extreme Fetish(Gayvn/Grabbys), Article in New York Times, Full spread in Unzipped Mag, Various website interviews, performing at the biggest shows and enjoying myself highly.
So U might miss me on the DVD side but don't worry I'm working on some hot performances and when the smoke clears u will be glad that I took some time off because the work will be amazing. I'm sleepy now, I will post later


CHILL said...

I guess everybody deserves a break. You're right about one thing...over exposure is never a good thing. i think the fewer appearances one makes the comeback ( not quite sure that's the right word) all the more meaningful. About why you haven't banged any brothers on screen...does it really matter ? There's so many black porn that's down with that whole thug thing...and the truth is...many of them brothas are just playin' a role. I know...i design dvd covers for the chocolate cream line of movies, and talking to the producer/ director of the flicks...sometimes i get a bit perplexed on why he does movies the way he does. there's no kissing between the models, no passion's just a mean ass fuck. I don't know if i would call that thuggish or not. I think a lot of the gay black porn you see out there are because of society or prehaps the producer/director of said flicks are jumping on the newest trend. The producer/director of chocolate cream told me why he does his movies the way he does...and after hearing his story...i can understand where he's coming from. It's true that a lot of brothers are remaining in the shawdows so to speak. my thing is do your thing 'D'...go ahead an reinvent your thing. There's a lot of brothas that wish they had an exclusive contract with a major porn lable. truth be told, i've never seen any of your flicks...but i've seen dozens of pics on the web. You definately have a thing going for you. take care. best of luck in all your endevors. ( sorry if i misspelled anything)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the news info on yourself! Have a safe weekend :) take care


Anonymous said...

just saw Tyger Tyson's blog, and man CONGRATULATIONS!!! basically for standing up for equality, individuality, peace and homosexuality!

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ReggieH said...

Unfortunately it seems to me that the major gay porn studios only allow one black 'star' to emerge in their stable. Many of us would LOVE to see *quality* black fuck films from the majors. Most black films are much too caught up in the whole ghetto/thug thing, and their quality (lighting, camera work, etc) is so mediocre to bad that my partner and I refuse to watch them.

Anonymous said...

The 2nd pic = HOT! Lovin' the naked pix, man. Keep 'em coming and I will keep cumming for more.

brmerrick said...
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Domima!! said...

God knows, but i think that it aint anybodies bussiness why you plow wite men on screen and not black!! Why does the fuckin care.

You doing your own thing and you loving it! Fuck the world and wat they think. I know you hot and that is what is important!!

Your dick is enough for them and the rest of wat they think is shit!!

Your fan

Jeff said...

BOOOOO - what about dating California muscleboys?