Saturday, July 21, 2007


Hey that's Dennis Rodman and Diesel(well my hand in the background LOL read below for details)

I have to start this post with a shout out Gio Without him being there at Voodoo I would never have the chance to see myself on stage at Voodoo, I had a great night just chilling with the People and having a great time. Oh and Please check out there are samples of his work and the guy is a sweetheart. Hes not one of those photographs who only want to get naked pics of ya(u know the type they say they will take great shots but Ur basically getting naked and they want to fluff ya to get ya hard, nasty creeps!!!) Here's to ya Gio, keep taking those pics u have a great eye.
Now Voodoo Lounge:
Most of the day was spent, just going to the local mall in Fort Lauderdale and relaxing big time. At this point of the trip, I finally had some energy and was ready to party. Roy Jones was with me the whole time, and its refreshing that I have one of my close friends with me on these types of trips. Roy was my wing man and he helps me out alot, without him I wouldn't have any moves on the dance floor and he is my second pair of eyes(I will introduce ya to Roy Jones in the next post)its a good thing that he came.
So its Sunday in the Fort Lauderdale, and I have been there since Friday and oddly enough I still haven't got laid. Call it a curse sometimes, when hot people say they have seen my work and are scared of ya, I take it as a compliment most times, but personally I had enough people sucking on my dick during my life. Even though I'm getting turned down by every single porn star, escort and hooker on the fucking part, I was offered BJ after BJ at an alarming rate. No Thanks!!! I want what I want and If i have to wait then I will wait.
So I made my way to Voodoo with Roy Jones, and the energy picked up and I was ready to party hard. As soon as we got to the club it was time for drinks and walking on 420 street(a nearby street)before we went in. Funny Voodoo was packed wall to wall with people and most of the people that were at the Pool Party and other events were there as well. Moving on.......
All the promoters for the event brought all the guys on stage and we lit up the crowd and got ready for the bigger show later that night. One of the performers Jennifer C check her out invited me on stage to perform with her. Now when Ur with a bunch of attention hogs(me included)who all want to get on stage and sex it up. Kinda of hard to stand out, but the performer did her set of two songs. When she started her second song she goes"Hey Diesel where u at????" I pop from back stage and its just me and her on stage and I killed it. Mind ya I'm nervous as hell until I hit the stage and then I tear it up. I haven't moved like that in years and glad I had the opportunity to shine once yet again.
Me and Roy then tear up the floor again(well mostly Roy)the crowd is loving us and attention is everywhere. I had the chance to talk to alot of hot guys and make connections. But yet again, its the same shit again and again nobody wants to get fucked by me. Although I did have the opportunity to fuck this kid that I had my eye on the entire trip, but I don't fuck in bathrooms or bathroom stalls. So u can image when I finally get the opportunity to fuck this kid, it had to be in a bathroom stall cause he didn't want to leave his friend that he came to the club with, No Thanks!!! Sound weird probably, I do porn but that doesn't mean that I need to whore around the bathrooms and fuck in stalls or run around naked all the time. There is no mystery in that, and although I take my clothes off all the time I just don't see that its necessary for me to do that when the movies speak for themselves. Well I'm getting too deep here Moving on..........
Now here comes the highlight, I'm dancing around and digging the attention. Who happens to walk right past me?? Dennis Rodman!!!! I shit U not!!! Motherfucking Dennis Rodman. I was star struck!!! Some of the photographers were trying to get a picture with me and Dennis, and Dennis was not having it at all. To make matters worse, I even went up to Dennis and he ignored me the whole time and I mean ignored me!!!!! Try to understand the scene, Dennis didn't have any security with him or bodyguards, basically Dennis and I are the two tallest people in the club and the only Black guys at the time!!! And I was given the cold shoulder and his back toward me. There wasn't any reporters, or a mob of people around us either!!! So basically he didn't even bother to acknowledge me except once. I tapped Dennis on his shoulder, to which he turned his head looked at me for a brief second and said in a Girly voice "OHHH NO!!" It was true, Dennis is a big Faggot and he was all over the place(drugged up and drunk) what a mess!!!!!. Now I thought he just didn't like fans approaching him(and I can understand where he is coming from)but the little white gay boys were all over him and he posed for pics with them and white women. So it wasn't a fan thing, I was alittle pissed and didn't understand. Here was Dennis Rodman, someone I looked up to because of his basketball skills and all the championship rings and being able to play with the Great Michael Jordan. I liked his forwardness, on and off the court and just being able to be yourself and not care about other people. He was one of the people, that helped me come out of the closet and be the person that I wanted to be. And I was crushed that he wanted no part of me, I took it very personal. As u all know I'm 6'6 and played semi pro basketball, I modeled my game around Dennis in his rebounding skills and being able to be the guy that controlled the boards. I was a Die hard fan and it killed me!!! Roy Jones could see that I was crushed(I was people, that shit hurt alot!!!)and reminded about his book. I totally forget about his book(which I bought the day it came out)that Dennis didn't like Black people well not in that sense, but in the way he didn't find Black man or woman attractive. Dennis was raised by a white family and was often teased in school by black school mates. I didn't approach Dennis in a sexy way, just as a fan. Now Voodoo is a mixed crowd so u have gay, str8, and Bisexual. Not making any excuses for him or anything, but I do come off very Str8 and maybe Dennis wanted to "FAG OUT" that night. Moving on.....
Roy could tell I was pissed and was like"Fuck that motherfucker" Lets tear up this club and have some fun. So we got to dancing and attracted a big crowd that was watching us on the floor. I could tell that Dennis was watching. I guess since all the attention wasn't on him, and we got our own attention, he needed to come over and walk through Our dance circle interrupting Us. That is truly a hater, that is a hater with tons of money and owns part of that club so why was it necessary to try to kill my fun??? I didn't get it.
I didn't want his neg energy or to be around him at all, I turned my back on him and bumped him outta of Our way on the dance floor. There went Dennis switching while he walked and holding his hands like he had a broken wrist(so fucking girly)I was so turned off at this point. I headed over to the Hip Hop room and danced over there out of sight from everybody. I was swelling up with neg energy from all the people turning me down, to me finding out my Idol was a prick and cunt, I wanted to go back to the resort and fast!!. I grabbed Roy and we headed back to the resort. Roy was alittle pissed off cause he was talking to some hot chick(Roy is str8 and he was tired of hanging out with Gay guys all day and finally he found some Pussy)but he left anyway cause that is my buddy. Moving On.........
The pressure of the whole night was getting to me and I was upset and wanted to sit in the Hot tub to relax. I sit in the Hot tub and Roy comes running out of room with his hand covered. Drama!!!! when Roy comes out he tells me that the shower door which is made of glass fell off the track and shattered in the shower cutting his hand open when he was in the shower. More drama to deal with, I called him a taxi and sent him to hospital(remember he has no phone and limited money)I got him a card with the address of the resort on it and gave him 40bucks to take a cab there and back. When he returns he has three stitches in his finger and hes alright. Now its 5am in the morning and I'm tired and pissed off, I didn't need this right now and was getting more and more tired of this whole trip. The trip had its good points and bad points, business wise and getting my name out there was a great success. Personally I didn't get laid the whole time down in Fort Lauderdale and I was pissed that I was getting turned down left and right and finding out that Dennis Rodman was a total cunt didn't help either. With Roy cutting himself, I was drained mentally and really needed a change in the setting so I decided to go to South beach to really unwind without the Porn people or having to do events. Stay tuned for more.......


Anonymous said...

Too bad about Dennis Rodman. He was very nice to me when I approached him at the gay club Micky's in WeHo, Ca. Posed for a pic, gave me an autograph and all. I guess what you should take from this is not to ever do that to your fans even when you aren't feeling it. It's a sucky feeling and now you know firsthand. Whether you like it or not, you are Diesel Washington when in public as Dennis Rodman is Dennis Rodman. Be nice to your fans and they'll always support you.

Happy Monday, Chris

castellbitch said...

hey Diesel, must appologize for bringin this shit to ur page, but been reading ur blog for months, but this sorta breaks through man. I appreciate that you looked up to Dennis Rodman as a man who acted with honesty of self, then why would you call him a big cunt?

wouldnt you suppose dis is you against you? I mean, this is the man you wanted to be, you took as an idol, who apparently decided that day to 'fag out' how did he cease to be something of substance?

what makes you a man, is what i suppose forced Ken into suicide. A loss of superiority. I mean the guy had love full blast(I think).

Fuck sake, the guy held a light about your journey, give him some props!!

castellbitch said...

any hoot, life's things occur in opposites.

Diesel Washington said...

Okay so u guys understand, I called Dennis Rodman a "Cunt" cause of the way he treated me. I have respect for his abiiltes on the court and his business sense but that is where it stops. In person I found him to be confused, Highly Fem, and just a complete mess. Thinking back about Voodoo who cares now?? Those are the emotions I had at the time. Right now I could careless what happened but at the time I was pissed. Dont read into the blogs too much cause I tend to write these when Im in the mood to write and can express what happened that day in a clear head. That is all

Anonymous said...

Hey Diesel, This is my first time on your blog, I understand how you feel on so many levels.

That night after my singing gig in Palm Beach, I came to VooDoo and that's when I wanted to meet you and say "Hello", but I could tell you were irritated and not in the mood.

At first I passed you when I was parking my car and bought my parking ticket. And when you first caught my attention, but I wasn't sure what to do. Believe it or not, I was very disappointed that I couldn't speak to you.

And, even though I don't have alot of experience in this lifestyle, I'm not sure why anyone would have turned you down. You really are very attractive, even when you're upset. When I got inside I looked for, but you were already heading out the door. Maybe another time we'll meet.

All the Best,

Anonymous said...

PS. I forgot to mention......

I would never have turned you down.
Big Hug!!! ^o^!!!

Sending Only Love and Wishing You the Very Best,