Friday, July 20, 2007


Okay folks I have been writing and trying to remember names and places, so bear with me while I recap all the goings on. Here we go again:

Landing down in Fort Lauderdale, whew I'm telling u folks I was tired as hell with all the filming and I had a early Flight into Florida. Now I was picked up at the airport by Jay Armstrong(Porn star) and we headed to the resort where I will be staying. Jay was kinda of shy around me, it was cute but then we started talking about filming and partners and he soon loosened up. Hes a funny guy so show him some love, hes a good guy(Google him to find out who I'm talking about) Shoutout to Rentboy/Fabscout esp Howard for putting me in a great spot. The resort to my knowledge(Coral Reef)was a clothing optional place. So guess my surprise when I come into the resort and there are a bunch of naked people swimming in the pool. NO........Its not what u think these guys were about 50+ and by the looks of it never hit the gym a day in their lives. But not to be mean, everybody was nice and respected my privacy. Although I had some Photographer knock on my door asking if I was going to be at the Rentboy Pool party. Thanks Bubba!!! At first I thought it was stalking(yes I am stalked, that's why I don't go out much)but then I saw some of Bubba's work and hes really a good photographer. Anyway I took some pics in the hot tube at the resort as u see above.

Now even though I was tired as hell I still hit the gym just to be ready for the party pool and have some fun. Drama!!! Drama!!!! I had my partner in crime come down to Fort Lauderdale with me Roy Jones!!! More about him later..........

Roy was late and missed his Flight and lost his phone(Shit was Fucked up)but he still made it down to Fort Lauderdale to support me. Picked him up at airport(Thanks Matt) and we settled into the Resort, we had a couple of hours to kill. So I shaved(had that nasty beard)and got ready to Hit the Boardwalk(Go Go spot) If I have any smart readers, U would know that I went to Boardwalk last year in Oct and here's that link

At the BoardWalk(Gay bar with Go Go boys)it was to mingle with the crowd and get the energy together for the Pool Party the next day. At events, I usually retreat to the VIP section, Rentboy was in house and brought a whole camp of hookers, escorts, and personal companions. So there are twink boys running around and carrying on in underwear and g strings(the usual). Nothing new here, now that might sound Jaded or bad, but who gives a shit!!!!

I could tell that people were alittle pissed off that I wasn't that friendly as other people. I have to be honest here, if Ur an escort and like to lay all over Ur trick and open mouth kiss them and other people then do that, I will be the guy sitting by myself or with Roy Jones having a drink. I would walk around the bar every now and then and pose for pics, as seen above.

I could tell the energy was building and all the porn stars and escorts were ready to party and start making moves on each other. With that many Porn stars, hookers, and escorts running around and staying in a Gay resort that was clothing optional(makes for hot fun or a dirty mess!!)shit was bound to happen. Luckily I was housed at a resort far from all the dirty deeds going on(although I'm not opposed to the dirty things really LOL).

So at one point of the night I get on stage and take off my shirt and then the flash bulbs went crazy. They called me on stage for pics with the rest of the Fabscout/Rentboy performers. I took my pics got off stage and was ready to leave(Seriously U people don't know how much energy was spent shooting that scene). So overall, I had a good time it was just a place where everybody got together for the Preparty.

Thanks to and Mad Paparazzi for the pics at the events Boardwalk and Steel and Voodoo and Rentboy/Fabscout Pool party. Hmm Speaking of Steel and Voodoo (clubs and bars) More to come People, while my memory is still fresh.

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