Sunday, July 22, 2007


Well People I'm still writing about this trip to Fort Lauderdale and I have to include Roy Jones!!! Who is Roy Jones???? Well I thought I would finally take the time to introduce him. Roy Jones is my Wing man!!! Roy is from Midtown(Moneymaker) and I met him while I was in school(yes Diesel went to college and graduated!!) I have known him for about 6 or 7 years and I consider him one of my best friends. We kinda of lost contact some years ago but I ran into him again recently and we have become the best of friends since then.

Hmm Roy has danced professionally for a number of years, Hip Hop, House, etc etc.. He was featured in some big music videos, Biggie Smalls, Lil Kim, and a few others. Currently he works as a DJ. First thing first readers hes Str8(shocking yes!!!) It doesn't take a Rocket Scientist to figure out why he hangs out with me. Free airfare, VIP treatment, Open bar, and pussy yes pussy!!! All the time I go to these events there is always that one single Str8 woman in the crowd(or several) that are just there with their gays(Fag Hag). So its very easy for a str8 guy to pick up the girls cause there is no competition from other guys. I have talked to several woman at events telling them that I'm Bi sexual, trying to get into their pants, but the gays make sure I don't end up fucking that girl(Cock blocking, and telling them I'm just a Dirty Porn star doesn't float that well)even when I'm honest in telling them I'm Bisexual. I don't lie about my sexuality anymore, I'm tired of playing the DL game and I'm honest from the start, so no feelings get hurt. Moving on...........
Team Diesel consists of Diesel(of course) and Roy Jones at the moment. I really needed another person by my side at these events. I needed a guy to take pics, make flight plans, scheduling, and staying on top of important info and events and give me reminders of things that needed to be done. I'm not mister important, but staying on point of things is hard, I was never the most organized person in the world. Roy Jones does none of these things(I had to find out the hard way)well maybe he takes a pic here and there, but that's about it!!! I had to come to terms that hes my best friend and bringing him in a gay setting is alittle confusing and uncomfortable sometimes. So after the first 15mins of a event I knew he wasn't organized at all LOL. But I wouldn't change a thing about him. And in alot of ways he has helped me to become a better entertainer. As in:
Roy Jones has helped me on my fashion sense( I cant dress one bit)and came up with the idea since I was a Porn star, I needed to dress the part IE Rock star type( I enjoy the style very comfortable)
Its so Nice to have a person in Ur corner that knew ya before u did porn, he keeps me grounded(which i desperately needed).
Dancing, I was an alright dancer before but he is working on my moves so I can put together a tight show and really fire up the crowds at events.
I respect his opinion and he gives me ideas for positions in scenes, and the overall look of a scene(if I have any control over it).
He is a second pair of eyes for me so if I don't see something he will and vice versa.
He keeps me current with music, and he is just my Friend!!!!
Having a True Friend around is the most important thing to me. When I'm around him, I don't have to hold my tongue. I can lash out at him(in anger) and he totally understands me and how to approach me when I'm mad. And if I'm totally out of line and being a total asshole, he will pull me aside and talk to me as a friend. U start to believe Our own Hype after awhile in this business, people tell ya Ur hot, and everybody wants to have sex with ya. VIP treatment, open bars and everybody telling ya that Ur the shit. Its fake not real they want Diesel Washington not me!! And he always reminds me of who I am, we would often talk about How would Diesel act in this situation???? What would Diesel do?????
He always keeps me laughing at this whole Diesel Washington thing!!! So for him to see the reaction I get from People as Diesel is a funny. Sorry Readers U don't get to see who Diesel really is!!! The stories Roy could tell ya in Our college days would have ya laughing and laughing. Oddly enough when I told Roy that I do Gay Porn, he was like"I'm not surprised at all" and wondered what took me so long to get into the business LOL. Buy anyway I thought I would introduce Roy to the readers of this blog. Roy Jones will be my right hand man at these events and that is a good thing. I did mention about another Friend called Road Dog, he is a close friend of mine, but its def not a good idea to bring him to events. The reason, the guy cant keep his fucking mouth closed. I brought him to one event and he continued to use my real name over and over, at one point he was like, Diesel is not his real name his real name is............(mind ya not a nickname but my government name he was saying) I pulled him to the side and was like "Are ya crazy???? I told ya not to use my real name(for fear of stalkers and people who want to damage ya)" and his reply was"Dude I'm not calling ya Diesel, I knew ya before all of this" He thought he had the honor of using my real name because we are close friends. He doesn't understand the duality of Diesel and Me(damn pot head LOL!!!) We are still close friends but he cant come to events unless he has a ticket.LOL Anyway............. last event I took Road Dog to he didn't hangout with me and was off running around the club being a fucking whore. So this time I picked my Str8 friend, so there is no running around and hes down to earth and understands me and respects my privacy. The only thing that pisses me off about Roy is that he steals all the attention when we dance(Fuck hes a great dancer, I will admit that)so I will let him rip up the dance floor while I watch. So there u have it, Roy Jones..... Ladies and Gentlemen!!!! Make him feel at Home!!!
P.S. I also enclosed a pic of my Houseboy(have to respect his privacy in this case)He keeps my House Clean!!! He cleans my house 3 times a week(cleans floors, windows, washes dishes, laundry, in general he keeps me healthy by keeping my living space clean!!) Nothing better than having a house boy who does a good job(For Free folks!!!! Call it the Power of the Dick LOL)and is really into his work and chores. He doesn't live with me so he is only a Part time slave. He wanted to get mentioned on my blog, here u go boy!!!! Now next time u clean, don't forget to shine my boots!!!


Marc said...

Hi Diesel,

Glad to have found this blog thanks to Jason Ridge I believe.

I just did a post about you on my blog and the industry needs more stars like you.

toney said...

Hi Mr. Diesel;

The blog talked about you needing someone to make travel arraignments and other office duties as they arise, if that position is still available please consider this an formally inquiry to the for the position of wing man #3. This may be to late to apply, however, my motto is you never know if you don't first apply yourself and see what happens. I am very detailed, hard worker, computer literate and a customer service type person.


Toney Carter