Thursday, June 04, 2009


Hmmm, I noticed I haven't posted anything interesting lately....

What to talk about?? Since I reached my goal of Performer of the Year...met a really Cool person. I have been feeling good....although I do have some things to say!!!

A BIG FUCK YOU!!! To all the People that emailed me saying the only reason why I won Performer of the Year, was because I bitched and complained on my blog.... Ummmm Duh???? That's why I write a blog, to rant and rave about things that bug me. Duh, I guess some People don't understand how this works.

I have to write this blog because other models/bloggers are showing me crazy love like Jack Manly(always says good things about me, Love ya over there), Damon Kruezer(yes that one!!)when the chips were down Damon has always said good stuff about me, and I thank you for it. RJ Danvers(dude You are long overdue an award) UnZipped (U guys give me Hell for my writing but still love ya!! I won something for my writing so leave me alone LOL)QueerPornNation (u guys show me love as well) And GayFleshbot(still love U guys even though Ur going Race Copper crazy nowadays!!)

I blog to get attention and to entertain People.....If some of you Porn stars want the spot light......then U need to put Yourself out there and get it. I pour my heart and soul into this blog... No offense to other porn stars out there...but I have been writing this blog since 2005 before I did porn, before I was even signed to a company... That is why my blog is different than most..... Its not Company Sponsored... or is solely used for promotion. I write about my feelings, hopes and dreams and talk very honestly about "My" time in porn.

I'm not an exclusive with any company, so I won't get any press releases because I'm not with any big studios. So self promotion is the key everytime!!!!

I'm starting to get hate from other models...which is strange to me??? Why are ya hating on me??? I worked hard for everything I got!! Shit!! I started this business at a disadvantage.... I'm older than most models, African American and only a Top!! Nothing was given to me at all!! I dont have an attitude because I think I'm all of that. I have an attitude because I served my time in this Industry, and worked my Ass off when everything was against me to succeed. And its not attitude that I have, its confidence knowing that I worked and worked non stop for my chance, and when I got it I grabbed hold of it, and I don't want to let go! Your going to have to grab it out of my cold dead hands to get it!!!

Alot of U bitches want to be where I am at.(Porn Wise) and I say to all of ya "Go and get it Bitches" I worked hard to be able to talk shit!!! And I will live it up!!! Come for me Bitches!!! I see alot of guys using my style of fucking...Trying to come up with New Positions, getting freaky with Watersports, Fisting, and I see Seasoned Performers coming back into the game with Fire!!! This will be an exciting year for Porn!!! All the comeback kids are hitting the industry hungry!! I love it!!! I'm sitting on the sidelines watching it all happen!!! I get to take a break while others are still trying to get that "breakout role". Breakout Role????

Every time I step on set, I'm there to outdo what I put on film last time. So U bitches got a long way to go...... U are just Now coming into speed!! Alot of the things I see the porn stars doing nowadays, I was doing in Movies like 2 years ago!!! Its funny, little twink stars, who I first met were like "I would never do Watersports because I think its Nasty!" A few months pass....Now look who is getting pissed on in poorly produced movies.... that same twink. Now they are all piss happy and shit. They come up to me now asking for Piss, its so funny!!! Not too many Porn stars can hang with me when it comes to Watersports!! To the Newbies hungry!!Step Up Ur game!!

As far as Fisting goes..... I haven't seen a fisting scene with a Major studio done any more Intense than the Scene in Telescope..... I not only double fist, But double Foot and Piss on myself and into my mouth at same time... That will never be done again!!! Hands down.... I still have more tricks up my sleeve when Fisting is concerned. There is alot more to do..... Speaking of Fisting, I see in the News that Rick Van Sant is now a Hot House Exclusive...Wow that is big!!! Rick Van Sant is one of best fisting bottoms in the business. I'm sure that Hot House (Inferno) will use him a great deal!!! Rick Van Sant is a true professional at Fisting. Anyway, U up and cummers have a long way to go to outdo that Fisting Scene in Telescope. But again I challenge you to try.

My Fuck Style, LOL now this is a funny one....Even though I didn't take home the Best Top award at Gayvn's, I still feel that NOBODY in this Industry Power fucks like me!!! Yeah I said it!!! I slam hard and long, nobody brings it harder!!! So U all can try, slam away!!! Just remember I'm slamming ass with a 10inch dick and 240lbs of pressure behind every stroke!(Think about that LOL) But again I challenge U to try to outdo me!!

The new Positions, LOL I not only have the "Bully" but the "Motorcycle" and the "Cannonball" and the "Shotglass" and the "Human Spit Roast" I still have two New positions to reveal "The 360" and one other that I wont name or reveal at this point(Its My Ace in the hole for later) So try to come up with New stuff newbies, I invite you to try. I haven't seen anybody bring new sex positions into play yet!! I see New and Improved versions of the same old doggystyle, side fuck, missionary position but nothing New and created. I want to be impressed and see something that I have never seen before, no assisted moves, or using blocks or camera tricks. But go ahead and try New cummers......I set that Bar very High!!! But I challenge People to come up with something New!! I would like to see that!!!

Now I'm not trying to sound all cocky and shit, but other models put a target on my back!!! They want to be on Top, but most do not want to work to get to the top. I got to this point of my career, by busting my ass and bringing something new to the table every time. If U want my Spot then come and try to take it!!! I will not give it up without a fight!!! moving on.....

No emails or calls regarding New Work????? Ouch I think the recession is hitting hard or it could be that nobody wants Me to work for them....LOL I don't think my scene rate is high, I think its because I live here in NYC...sorry about that Folks!! Funny, Performer of the Year isn't getting any work to perform. LOL

Jason Curious(love the site btw) put out a very insightful letter to the industry. The recession is hitting everybody hard, studios are keeping close their exclusives and getting the most out of them. There are new faces in porn and it seems that everybody is turning to porn for that extra money. To the New class of Performers stepping into the game....Stay Humble, Stay Hungry, and every time that camera is on you better bring that Fire each time. Bring that Fire!!!

I'm waiting for that day, when "that performer" comes up to me(Bigger, Stronger, Taller)looking to take my spot!! It will happen Soon. I remember the Day when I stepped up to Bobby Blake, I went up to him introduced myself. He knew who I was!! And he knew why I was there!!! Bobby Blake Ur still my Idol!!! There is only one Bobby Blake...... just like there is only one Diesel Washington!!! see pic below

I'm waiting for the day when My replacement comes........


Filippo said...

omg .. he's a legend and my idol ... yeah yeah you're his replacement , fuckin' true

Dre said...

I was at that speaking engagement that Bobby Blake gave. Unfortunately, I didn't know who you was at that time.

Yeah, Bobby Blake is one of the first stars that I really was feeling. I have most of his major releases.

You are definitely his heir apparent.

Anonymous said...

A very interesting blog entry. If nominations for best blog were done by entries, this would be one to recommend. This was a very enjoyable read(for more than one reason).

A couple of other comments about success:

Success is a double-edged sword, be careful how you wield it.

Success can be a tool, as well as a weapon, it can be used for you, or it can be used against you.

RJ Danvers said...

Thanks Diesel :-)

Hopefully one day, ya know? Win some and lose some. . . still having so much fun tho :-) Hopefully I'll see you soon.


Anonymous said...

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