Friday, June 19, 2009


Okay alot has happened over the last week, Retired and my relationship into the toilet.... And U know what? I'm fine

I can't say that I'm not still upset about the breakup even though it was short on time...there was alot of passion and emotions. I have always admitted to being an emotional person, I never lied about that. I always put my cards on the table and expect the other person to do the same. When thinking about things(relationship) I didn't do anything wrong but be myself(which might be a problem as well)and the other person was pretending to be someone they wasn't.

Time went by and I caught glimpses of their true nature....I had to take some steps back and see if this was the right person for me. They were not!!! Now its not fair that they don't have a voice on my blog to state their feelings, but I will be fair.

I have told the fans that read this and to my ex partner, I'm not an angel and I go through selfish phases as well.....(Are ya Happy Eggs???)I'm no saint at all!!! I would get nervous if I set foot in a church... I would expect lightning and thunder to strike. But with that said. I have my issues. I try to fix things that are not broken...and I can take things personally at times because that is just the way I am. If I give out kindness then I expect it back. I always told D that they didn't know the meaning of Tact. D would say things that were hurtful without knowing that they were. But at the same time, when u would talk about them, they would take it poorly. Which I didn't get????? U expect someone to talk to ya in a certain way...but don't give out the same respect??? Made no sense!!

Anyway I thought I would write this say that I'm feeling alot better now. Depression has gone and I'm eager to go back on tour. And see the fans and handle business.

So If people are wondering..... Two weeks ago I went to Washington and got rained out. This past weekend I went to Philly for Pride and got to go to Woody's(bar/dance club) Geez I forgot the reasons why I don't go out anymore, It was all eyes on me and I felt alittle uncomfortable at times. I just wanted some drinks and to dance a few songs and go home. Don't get me wrong I love attention...but not the fish bowl attention(people just staring with nothing to say)so I stayed a short time and made my exit.

I have pics of the trip posted above enjoy!!


Dre said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better my dude.I was going to post something earlier and go Dr. Phil on your ass but decided to let you ride it and figure things out on your own.

My personal experience with dealing with a relationship gone wrong is to chalk it up to the fact that I was not compatible with the person. I don't try to do the blame game because it is futile and a waste of energy. Energy that could be channeled to finding Mr Right.

Franck said...

Hey nice pics, did u dress in comic motives to blend into the background there? hehe next time u don't wanna get amazed looks at a club try the same technique!

Anyway I discovered your blog yesterday and love the passion u write with. Hope you can get rid of drama asap.

And people don't hate you. They just envy you.


Jason said...

You're gorgeous man...I've been following ur career for awhile and never really got the nerve to post, you'll hit me back.