Thursday, June 25, 2009


I thought I would write a blog about blogging.......

Blogging is one of those elements that is key, when Ur a porn star. It is so under rated, but its one of the biggest tools of the porn star. Fans see Ur image on screen(or box/mag covers)and they instantly want to learn more about ya...

They google/yahoo Ur Porn name and look up every result they get. A smart porn star will have a website/blog that gives more info about yourself.

The basic blog would be pics, some commentary, and some of Ur interests. Very simple in nature, U can also speak about film work, photo shots, appearances. Its not hard.

I look around the net, and there is alot of blogs that suck!!! There I said it!! OMFG!!! The blogs I see nowadays boooooooorrrring!!!!

I won't go into names....but geez!!If Ur going to have a blog at least follow these simple rules:

1. UPDATE UR BLOGS PEOPLE!!!! I get so tired of following bloggers that haven't updated their blog in like a month!!! If u have nothing to say on ur blog, put up a photo u like and make some commentary, its simple. It sucks to Ur fans that u don't update Ur blogs, they check it everyday to see what u write next. U don't write anything they go to the next blog and Ur blog will be forgotten.

2. The mystery bloggers, U come online and speak about various things. Some bloggers put their heart and soul into a blog, but never show Ur face. It's Ur right to Ur privacy(I get that)at the same time, when I become attached to the blog and feel the emotion of the writer. I like to see who the writer it being curious. But again it is the right of the author if he wants privacy.. Still I wont like to know

3. To the Gossip bloggers, If u dish the dirt, expect the people that u talked about to approach ya. Some are happy and some will be upset at ya. If u write about it, and tell it, be prepared for the storm that comes with it!

4. The blog belongs to you, therefore u can talk about anything u want, its Ur opinion, written in Ur words. Don't be afraid to experiment alittle!

These are the basic rules u need to follow, put it together and u have Ur own place where u get to vent, ramble, about whatever.

To the bullshit bloggers(there are so many):

I see all the copy kats out there, using ideas from other bloggers. Repeating ideas that other people came up with. Not a good look. I see new bloggers that jumped on the train, and started to blog. But they suck!! Its like shit roasting on a stick!!

Boring blogs, they don't speak about themselves, and everything is Company sponsored. Its a bunch of work out tips, photo shots and bullshit commentary saying "This is for my Fans" bah bah bah bah

I see some porn stars have a blog and don't write in detail, Its one or two sentences long, talking about what they did or ate for the day....YAWN!!!

I see some blogs by Porn stars and its all words, they post no pics(private or photo shoots)so its hard to connect when u don't see any pics of the porn star(there are no pics, even on the site itself)

When I started my blog, I was reading the blogs of Damon DeMarco and Hunter James(both retired porn stars)these guys were ahead of their time. They were a couple, both did porn, both blogged, both were escorts/go go boys. I found their blogs to be both interesting and insightful. I knew nothing of the business(porn)and these guys were talking about it, getting gigs, dancing, working on set. everything.

To the new guys in the business, make ur blog interesting and it should take ya far.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting Blogging suggestions. The "update" is probably the most important.

As for the mystery bloggers, most likely if they haven't shown their face, then it means there is not much worth seeing. I suppose if a blogger had a photogenic face, he (or she) would probably have their face plastered all over their blog.