Wednesday, June 10, 2009


As everybody knows, Diesel is not shy at all and I speak my mind as much as I can. All I can say at this point.........WHERE IS ALL THE FUCKING WORK?????

Geez!!!! Are ya kidding me??? There is no work!!! Or maybe there is no work for me?? Hmmmm that is a good question????

If there is no work for Diesel Washington then Its time for me to Retire!!!

I see Veteran performers still working and finding work. Take Jason Adonis, the guy can screw some people over(the bottoming thing)and then still come back and work, no problem!

Matthew Rush, he has had hes share of problems, but work doesn't seem to be one of them.

Brodie Sinclair all the drama with Raging Stallions and the guy still finds work on various sites, Cocky Boys etc etc

Brad Star he has his share of problems, but after everything is said and done still finds work.

Maybe its the recession??? But I know some performers that are working and getting scenes, the last movie I shot was Taken to the Lowest Level. That was filmed almost 3months ago. I have done without work before(up to 8months and I was an exclusive at the time)but I don't know??

If its the recession causing these problems then fine!!!

If some people don't like me, I can't help that!! I'm sitting in NYC and watching the industry Die!!! Maybe I'm not the only one facing this problem, but at least I'm honest about it!!

Grabby Performer of the Year, is not getting any work!!!

So if my time is done in porn, then I like to Bow out gracefully as opposed to hitting the Mass email thing begging for work.

I'm sad because I have done a total of 14 films in three years which is not that much. I know other stars that have done 50-60 films in that time. I guess I was fooling myself into thinking that I could go further....

On top of that...I think most People wanted me to die out and fade away....... I caused some waves in this business...Talked alot of shit and pissed some People off!!

I still feel I have alot left to give..... I only scratched the surface of what I can do.

I still haven't worked for HOT HOUSE(calling you People out!!!)
I haven't work for Jet Set(calling U out too, shit u took back Jason Adonis give me a shot)
I still haven't worked for Colt(that is big on my list of companies)


I will keep the blog running for a bit.....

Maybe that will change??? Who knows?? Shit!!! Chad Manning retired and then Unretired all in one week. Stay tuned!!!


Anonymous said...

Jason, Matthew, Brodie and Brad have all been versatile, which does give them more opportunities. Bet if you did a versatile scene things would suddenly change greatly in your favor.

James said...

:-) I knew the drama queen in you wouldn't be happy without any drama!

Will you soon unretire and then blame all the haters? LOL

Well whatever you do, best of luck.

Anonymous said...


Please dont give up you are one of the hottest performer in porn.

Anonymous said...

you're really leaving? times are hard and people have to cut back on what they don't need, but you made a name for yourself and you can't take that back.

Anonymous said...

Boy please...

Listen.... I am a fan and avid folower of your blog. your a smart dude. If this is a publicity stunt to garner attention and stir up some controversy, thats cool. but i think you may have been too "open" if that is the case.

as far as the number of films you've done... Bruh.... it's not the quantity that matters, its the QUALITY. you know the work that you've done is HOT and some of it unprecedented. That's what really matters.

Be patient, do your thing and keep putting yourself out there. Intend great things and they will come. You know all this man. but dont come with this whiny retiring crap.

you are bigger than that bruh

Anonymous said...

i think your time has come.

U R way to full of yourself to be at the level of those white bois.

don't u know that blacks aren't supposed to speak.

Ian a.k.a. Darktomahawk said...

Please don't retire brother. NOOOO! LOL.

Anonymous said...

i thought you were offered work by chichi la rue in black balled, but turned it down because u had a problem working with other black men. of course you gave the excuse that you were giving someone else a chance. whatever. i'm sure some black production company out there would give you work if only you didn't have a problem you fucking, sucking, rimming or being pissed on by a black man like yourself. PLEASE trust me, the only person who hates you is YOU.

Anonymous said...

LOOKING 4 WORK? try these among many others
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2. pitbull productions
3. chocolate cream factory
4. dawgpoundusa
6. ebonyD
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8. black stud society

Anonymous said...

I hope you're just having a venting moment. You've provide an insight into the adult industry that I don't think I would have gotten anywhere else. To my knowledge, there aren't many bloggers speaking honestly about their life in the adult industry.

Anonymous said...

Bruh, quit crying. You've based your whole career on white boys. If they're tired of you that's your fault. You should'a diversified from the jump, other Black performers are working and getting PAID. Berlin/Nubius and Shorty J are in damn near every flick that comes out.

Anonymous said...

As everybody knows, Diesel is not shy at all and I speak my mind as much as I can

maybe thats the problem mister diesel..dont misunderstand me..its not a critic...i like you and your blog a lot...and i am myself a very direct/not shy person...but there are times to speak your mind..and times to better shut up...and its never good to bite the hand that feeds you,,,you really pissed people off..thats never good...i hope you will get work again cause it would be a fucking shame if you retire now...


a european fan

Anonymous said...

i think it's too soon to say that. it's a little exagerated, don't uou think??
My name is Alex, i'm a French student (twenty years old) and i really love your works on porn. i don't want you to retire, can you give yourself some chance, some time?
i don't know you for real but may i say that you should have more confidence in yourself, in your work? you left a great presence in those films you did, i'm sure people will call you for some business. you're not dying, i'm sure about this. please, considere my words a little. thank you for reading this.
congratulations for your grabby, you totally deserved this and it was not for nothing ! you're a truly performer, believe me.
good luck Diesel, i'm watching you.


Anonymous said...


what happened to creating your own company and doing your own videos? That way, you won't have to wait on them to call you for work. You call others for work.

If I were you, I'd create my own jobs and work. Thats just my two cents.

That Dude J said...


In times like these, big companies, regardless of content or product, are VERY wary about taking risks. To them, a 'Diesel Washington' character is a risk, due to the fact you are calling shots like you see them - kudos to you, PS, for doin that. Remember, the entertainment biz is the entertainment biz, and the ones who hold the reigns shall I put views on potential if the potential doesn't EXACTLY match up with what they're looking for. Basically, muthafackas are shallow and short-sighted. You know ya talent, so does the industry, they're just on a different tip, so...fuck em.

Diesel, time to take that step and BE YA OWN BUSINESS! Get that domain name, set up a site, start doing scenes, and get a membership plan goin man! I know alot of models have their own sites, but that is to YOUR benefit; all the porn addicts are flocking to see their favorite stars on exclusive sites with never-before-seen content! Best example is ya boy Damien...I know you've seen it already, the site is FRESH, content is diverse and fun, and the sex...well, you know.

Just trying to be a motivator for you bro, fuck tryin to please these major companies that don't show you the proper interest or YOU. The times are callin for it.

Seriously though, hit me up and let's parley about a website brainstorm. At the very LEAST, lemme help you out with gettin some music together. I know you in a relationship, I'm NOT trying 2 holla, I'm tryin to help another dude out with makin his own money with his work. Get at me.


Anonymous said...

You're kidding, right? You want us to say: "Don't retire! Please!" OK, I'll say it, if it makes you happy. Please, don't retire. Diesel is unique. We need you to do all the crazy, slutty, sexy things only a 6'-6" ebony stud with the dick-of-death can do to get the juices of those of us who are not huge, black and harder than a rock flowing down our legs. We need your wild fetish imagination. OMG double "footing!" We need you to stir things up and tell Lucas where to get off. We need you bathing in piss. Of course, you could decide to do a flip-flop. That's how Matt Rush kept things going for the past few years. Ditto several other studs, such as Flex Deon, Marcus Ram, and . . . well, the list goes on and on. Of course, that's not the old top-only Diesel. It's a commonplace in Hollywood that actors who win the major Oscars find that their telephones stop ringing because producers assume they are suddenly too exclusive or expensive for anything but major productions. Even Denzel was put on hold after his "best actor" award. Be patient. (You can always escort, like most other porn stars do, and you have sometimes done.) Enjoy your new love affair. Work will come.

Anonymous said...

OH yes, that's great, now you see what you BELOVED W companies are giving back to you....and I do hope we don't see you in tygertyson movies or ebonyknights things, you woudn't destroy all the brilliant work they have done...HOT house?...keep waiting, unless you take off all of that melanin....bye the way, WE don't need to see the picture of you new boyfriend, he must look like WHITE SNOW, for sure! enjoy your retirement.

leeeesmith said...

Good luck in your endeavors and future, it will be a loss to your current industry but a gain for whatever direction you go in.

I have diversified over the years myself, if one career path isn't working out due to the economy, or other reasons, I have other skills to fall back on to keep the cash coming in and to maintain the interest I have in my career/s (and a little bit of personal insurance gives me peace of mind!).

Maybe you will do a Brandon Lee, have multiple career paths but on the occasion return to porn now and again to surprise your fans!

Anonymous said...

stop worrying about other peoples careers and mind your own damn business. leave my boyfriends name out your fucking mouth.

Anonymous said...

I went through jet sets list of performers...not ONE black person in there

Anonymous said...

You really are the biggest Drama QUEEN in Gay Porn.

Windmill said...

Please don't retire. You are THE sexiest Black Man in biz. The problem is all the free porn on the web. You guys should crack down on that shit cause 99% of them are illegal postings.I think you should form your own company. Like an exclusive site that's all about you with original content. Stay strong and sexy

Eric in Virginia said...

Heya Diesel. I think you might be down because you are the hottest black guy in XXX. I would say pick up the phone and make some calls. No harm in letting people know you are available. You can't retired since I haven't seen enough of you. Eric

Anonymous said...

Love you baby.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Letter to the Editor,

Well if you are going to, don't forget you have other skills..videoing/blogging/Youtuber/photography.. etc...

From me, a great big Thank You! for "listening" to my thoughts and ideas has been a good to have you "listening".....


nonana said...

Dont listen to these idiots asking you to do versatile. Bobby Blake did tons of movies without ever getting in done in the butt. I love seeing you giving it to those white boys. They love it too and they buy that shit. Interracial always sells better. Just chill for a minute and let all the haters start to miss you. I'd just wait long enough to return with your own product line. And something more affordable than 70 buck a disc. A website would be better. Trust me those white boys will be lining up to taste the Diesal on camera. They have a love hate relationship with big black dicks.

Anonymous said...

hahahaha...see what happens when you revolve your career and everything you do around the white boys and the white companies? Diesel, you may have the fans fooled but you DEFINITELY dont have me fooled. I am an industry insider. I talk to EVERYONE. we all know you dont like black men AT ALL! WOW, you fucked Marcus Ram! you ONLY did that to try to convince the people you didn't have an issue with other black men, but the truth is that you do. I was talking to another model about you in the city today (SF city) and we agreed you have some racial and identity issues with yourself. NOTHING about you is black but your skin...and why the hell would a porn star EVER turn down work? you said no to black balled 6, which is channel 1's big movie right now! do not turn down work! Just because you aren't attracted to black men doesnt mean you cant fuck one. alot of you guys forget adult film is a PAID GIG, not a hookup. I say the same thing to tyler saint, because he doesnt like black men just as much as you do. lemme guess why you dont like him. you were supposed to be in the same scene for "Taken" and he didnt want to do it with you? HAHA. im pretty sure that was the case. I know what goes on Diesel

Anonymous said...

Bobby Blake is versatile in private and has also been versatile for many years as an escort and is very good at being a bottom. Bobby lived a lie on screen because he was wrongly worried about his image on screen. I know because I've personally seen Bobby bottom 3 times in private.

Matthew Rush, Eddie Diaz, Race Cooper, Brian Bodine, Markus Ram, Scott Alexander and Marc Williams like Diesel are a generation younger than Bobby Blake and unlike Bobby they have on worries at all about being versatile on screen, as being versatile doesn't effect their masculinity at all.

Damien Crosse, Diesel's great friend is versatile and has had no image problems at all due to his versatility. Also Robert Van Damme
the ultra Mach top has just bottomed for the first time and is still a 100% macho icon.

If you only do one thing in Gay porn you will naturally restrict your future opportunities and doing a versatile scene almost doubles your immediate prospects.

Sadly Bobby Blake would not survive very well in today's current porn climate, as today's porn customers expect and demand a wider range of abilities from performers and versatility is much appreciated by today's fans.

Remember Porn is a business and you have to provide what today's customers want.

Dre said...

Sup my dude? Sorry to see that you are on a downward trend at the moment. After reading your blog for a while now I know you are just venting so it's aight.

As I have always suggested and so have other people here. You should shoot your own stuff and have a pay site. If you don't want to get involved with the business end get someone to do it for you.

As far as some of the other suggestions here we know they ain't gonna fly. You have always said you are a top only and I take you at your word. If you were to bottom once obviously the curiosity factor would set in and people would be interested but then it would wane. So that is not the way to get interest in you.

You have also stated your views on race and I take you at your word. What ever the preference, one should be allowed to have that and not worry about someone else telling you who should like or not.

Good luck with your boi. I hope he brings you peace and happiness and from that you will be able to reflect on your career and you can decide what direction to take.

JNez said...

i don't know much about the adult industry, but i can imagine the economic climate has changed drastically over the last few years. honestly, i no longer pay for porn. piracy, file sharing, & xtube may have dealt a death blow to the pay for porn industry. reading your blog helps me realize how much this has affected the economic health of adult stars. i hope you are as creative & multi-talented as your commenters suggest because it definitely may be time to get another gig or find a way to fund & promote yourself independently. a web site would definitely be wise and if you're that good, i'll definitely buy a membership to show love.

i hope things turn around for you soon, brother. i know these are trying times but you will endure. try listening to faith evan's keep the faith or better yet, pleasure p's dream in the air if you need musical motivation.

keep writing...