Friday, June 05, 2009

THIS DATING SHIT IS HARD!!!! by the "Editor"

Well if U didn't know..... I will tell ya again, the Editor is dating someone special...

Its been awhile for me, before it was either business or onscreen work, I would hookup here and there but nothing major, I wasn't looking for anything more than that. Why look when every time U stick out Ur Neck for someone u get hurt and defeated!!

Anyway, I noticed that dating is hard but fun at the same time. I'm open and honest about what I do and who I do it with. They are accepting my flaws and problems and working with me. They read the blog as well.....and I already got into trouble for that Zack Randall post LOL!! I got a phone call 15mins after I wrote the Zack Randall post, it seems that someone is jealous(not really LOL) I can't play games with this one, they are smart, witty and know the games!!

I'm learning what it is to be in a relationship again. There is No more "I" or "Me" its now "We" and "Us" I like the feeling. I'm alittle nervous when it comes to the cheating part. I haven't cheated yet!! Now I know what ur saying "Yet"????? I don't want to cheat(escorting and porn work doesn't count)and I work on being good But its hard... People flirt with me all day everyday..... and now that I'm with someone. It seems that every old flame comes back into the picture wanting me back. It sucks!! I haven't cheated and I don't think that I will. I like this person alot!!

So my baby might be reading this post saying "I miss ya baby" I miss ya too.

Okay I will answer the burning question "What is the Sex like???"

Hmmm??? and the answer to that question is....."What Sex????" Sex is limited to foreplay and other things. Yes that is correct. Sex isn't the main thrill between Us, its the spending time, cuddling and talking that feels good. I mean come on, I get enough sex, more than I can handle! Sometimes U want that good feeling of enjoying some one's company.

Still debating if I want to share them with the fans??? Some things I want to keep private....but I figure People will figure out sooner than later. And they want to be a part of the blog which is strange for me(but I like it). I don't understand sometimes(How I got this person)but I'm happy so far.

I haven't met their friends yet, but I did have a chance to meet their brother. And he is cool, big sports fan. So its the step by step method....I have always jumped the gun when it comes to dating people now I want to go slow and enjoy it. No rush to make it into something yet.....

U would think being with someone with low sex drive would be a problem(I'm the one with Low sex drive)but it doesn't seem to be a problem for them, in fact they enjoy it. If I'm not working, Sex isn't that important to me, I have been in the Sex industry for several years, I have no problem getting hard and keeping it up for work or movies. Other methods they do get me hot for them.... Their personality, Wit, the way they stroke my head(the one on shoulders)hold me at night when we sleep, that goes much further than busting a quick nut!!

A silly post for the Person I'm liking more everyday!!! Awww how nice..


and I love it....


Anonymous said...

An interesting post. This blog entry is what makes your blog interesting. You're giving the fans some more than "business" related stuff. You have certainly gotten my curiosity. I'm really looking forward to learning more about the "them".

littlejj said...

Awwww! Congratulations man. All the best to you both.

Anonymous said...

love ur blog!!!!!!
ur new fans from Jakarta,Indonesia!!