Thursday, June 25, 2009


Here is another Vid from the Kid I got it off so funny funny stuff up there!!!

Now I have to give props I wrote about having interesting stuff to do online...Now some of it is all funny and some serious stuff...

This would be the silly stuff..

The hand dancing was off the hook!!!

Interesting and He had to think out every move...

Nerdy, Geeky insane!!

It takes alot of time in editing and hand movements to get the routine.... Props!!

another Vid from the site Again!!! some funny funny shit!!!

One of the sites I go to and check out the Vids
Another Vid U pot heads


Anonymous said...

whatcha gonna do now man? people will be very excited to see.

Anonymous said...

I liked the Black Eye Peas Video (mostly for the catchy song). I also found the PC Guy video clip interesting. Thanks for sharing.