Thursday, June 04, 2009


I'm back from Washington, I had an interesting time out there.....So that means it sucked!!!

Granted I was out there for business....And Business was Okay. Not great but just okay, it was a trip planned at the last moment and I was like fuck it. So I had a few clients out in Washington, and still had some free time to take in some of the sites. At one point it sucked because it started raining super hard!! I mean I was caught right in the middle of a fucking storm.

Anyway People, I put together a short Vid of some of my time in Washington. Its not much but a Vid is a Vid.

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Anonymous said...

A nice Vlog in that you've shared some of your Washington DC experience. Instead of being critical about the Vlog itself, I'll focus on the positive (that being allowing your fans access to "backstage" of the Diesel Washington Show). Thanks for sharing.