Friday, June 19, 2009


Wow so I guess I should tell people that TAKEN by channel 1 is my last onscreen performance(where is my check now??LOL)so its fitting that my scene in "Taken"is my some of the best work I have done(up to date)and its a fitting retirement movie.

I had a chance to watch my scene, and I'm very very very hard on myself when it comes to performances(everything has to be right)and I must admit without it sounding cocky. I took over that scene!!! Hands down!!Call the Cops because I took that scene to another level!!

My body could have been tighter(Still porn star ready)but as far as the performance, I rocked. I'm watching my scene going "Damn!!" It was a four man scene, now if u been living under a rock then U should know I made a career of threesomes and foursomes and groups(while with Titan). Its like a walk in the park for me, if u don't know how to rock a group, then U shouldn't be in porn. Some people get lost in the scene, and from being a watcher myself sometimes the action can get alttle distracting because u don't know what to follow. So U have to control that energy and involve everybody into the scene, but at the same time stand out(Shit I want my spotlight)Chi Chi balanced this scene so well...At times I thought I was overpowering the action!! But I had to let out my energy, I had a good vibe on the set(Adam I owe ya big time!)and I was ready.

Now this is not a diss or anything, but every time I do these leather fetish movies, I'm always stuck in a leather Jockstrap with pouch(nothing else fits I'm 6'6)and my ass out. I'm being serious!! Lets go through the pics together shall we??:

The first leather jock from Folsom Filth(That was a Serious Movie!)I still have that same jock strap from the movie, that is a collectors piece.

I donned the leather jock strap for my Bound Gods shoot(small pic), different style nevertheless a leather jock strap.

And My Last movie in a Leather Jock Strap in Taken to the lowest level. Let me Say that was my last role wearing a leather jock strap, no more leather jock straps for me!! It looks hot and everything(granted)but when I'm active(fucking)that thing has to come off, too much sweat builds up on my balls(LOL)enough about the leather jock strap. Back to the scene...

Folks when I approach a leather film I commit to the role. I felt that the Diesel character in leather was always suppose to Ultra Alpha male. I took a step back for this part, I still wanted to be large and in charge, but played Diesel in this role Aggressive yet Passionate, I would go from dominating and verbal, to passionate kissing giving a equal balance(I think it came out insane)No offense to my Co stars but I drove that energy home.

U have to watch the scene!!! I bottom for watersports!! and then I introduce the world to the Cannonball(u will see why I call it that) So ask Chi Chi to get that Screen Cap!! It looks insane!!! Phillip who is my onscreen partner is about 6'1 and things I do to this boy and How I pick him up in the air... Just remember the move is called the Cannonball Remember the "CANNONBALL"

So recap I created the "Bully" "Motorcycle" and now the CANNONBALL I keep stressing it because the position is just brutal, animalistic, and I make it look easy to do and its not Look at the size of this boy

Hes not small people, everybody thinks I pick the lightweights ones so I can throw them around... HAHAHA!!! I pick up the big boys as well. Ur probably saying yeah right okay Robert Van Damme is big right? This Robert Van Damme

Well this is Him being Picked up like a little baby by Diesel

The movie has some great scenes, Adam Killian solo scene hot!! there is some group action that is hot in the movie, Derek(Dogboy)has a serious candle wax theme with Johnny Hazard and flogging scene. I also like the scene with Blake Riley(U nasty bitch, yummy)also there is the scene with Shane Risk(to top models out there never let Ur bottoms outshine ya!) I mean I had to sit and watch the movie as a whole to get a better understanding of the movie.

I figure this is going to be the battle of the Leather theme movies....

U have Skuff 4(Hot House) and from the looks they went all out for sets and have some hot guys in that one. They pulled all their exclusives out for this one(at the time of shooting)

Titan has Shock Treatment, from the sneak peaks its looks Wicked and with Brian Mills and Paul on set I'm sure it will blow doors off!!

Hmm it will be a close call on this one...each movie is so different!!!

Well all I know is that I worked off my ass for this movie!! I didn't use any props!! No Tools or Ropes!! No dildoes!! Floggers, Bah bahbahbah(no offense to those who use them) I just used my bare hands!!

I just used my body as the fetish tool for this movie!! Bare hands and Brute Strength and alot of passion and Creatively, U will know what I'm talking about when the movie comes out and the reviews are out!! I can tell ya when the critics review the movie they will be talking about the Move and my scene for some time!!

So go and get "Taken" to see how I pick up Phillip in the air and use him like a rag doll!!!!

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