Tuesday, June 02, 2009


Traveling is a bitch sometimes..... esp when U travel alone....

I don't mind traveling alone, but its always good to travel with a friend. Jay was to come on this trip(Drunk Str8 Boy) but......He has to work and traveling to Washington for two days wasn't the best Idea.

I'm going to Washington to Site See and to open a few holes here and there... And so the tour starts in Washington....

When I land in Washington I will keep People posted about the adventure!!

Washington here I come!!!

Get ready for me bitches!!!

Daddy wants his money.... in Piles!!!!


Anonymous said...

OK!...mate so keep us all posted thanks....will be checking in to follow progress and btw Take Care mate....Laurie

That Dude J said...

Word, a tour to DC? That's old stompin grounds for me...opening a few holes huh....I'm in NYC these days...I hear that too. See how I'm bein subversive in sayin you should probably holla at the kid for a quick minute? Ha. Hope all is well D, congrats on the new boo