Monday, March 30, 2009


Not winning Best Top was crushing............ I thought there was hope in Winning Best Sex scene (Duo) with Steven Pounce for Telescope.........

Again......lost out to Logan McCree and Vinnie D'Angelo for Drifter.... Crushing....

But this time it was Steven Pounce that was hurting........... Steven was never nominated for an Award before. So he was excited to Come to the GayVn's and see if he could Win something....

During a performance, I became very Angry and had to step out of the theater to regain my Composure I was becoming alittle Sick at this point.....there I ran into Steven outside of Castro Theater.... He had the same look on his Face that I had......
We didn't say a word to each other...... he felt like I felt...

He put his body on the line for that film..... and gave his all for that performance. But It was Raging Stallion's night!!!!

If U were an Independent model(free agent)U were not getting any award that night....... it was evident that U had to belong to a studio to Win anything...... The only model to Win so meting that wasn't an Exclusive or Studio head was Trevor Knight!!

The reason why I'm writing about this is because I'm tired of this Industry....... I probably wont get any work because of the Blogs that I write..... but its fine.

I lost all faith in this Dirty Business.....I'm sorry that I had to bring my Mom to this mess........ I wasted her time, coming to see Diesel on stage winning something.....when there was nothing to win.

I don't understand I give every bit of energy I have for all movies..... to find out that U don't win is just a fucked up feeling....


Anonymous said...

Hey Diesel

How are you my friend? It's been awhile!

How do you think I feel - I have put in alot of commitment, HARD work & performances & never recognised once! On some occassions I have even paid my own flights to the States.

Yes the rumours going around are true - I even paid now to fly to the GayVN's & all I got was detained & held in San Francisco for 5 hrs of interviews about porn/studio's - only to be turned around & flown back to the UK.

Not even airline staff are permitted that kind of flight schedule!

Everyone well knows I give my all - for me it has been the enjoyment of the work, what I do & for the fans & never been for the accolades - that would only be a bonus from my peers!

But if it doesn't happen fella - Keep your head up & stay strong!


D ;-) xx

Dre said...

Hey man, sorry to hear about what happened. If it is any consolidation, Denzel didn't get his for Malcolm and you know what happened to Susan Lucci.

I know you are hurt and just venting. I have confidence that you will come around and feel better in a few days.

As I posted before you can tell the industry to kiss your ass and go indie and produce you own video on demand material. Yo have a loyal and enthusiastic fan base that you could take advantage of.

Your site is one of the most interesting sites on the web.It would be a great loss if you shut it down.

In any case hand in there man.

Anonymous said...

jackson wild isnt an exclusive is he? if he is can you post for which studio