Tuesday, March 03, 2009


Okay, I haven't spoken about the New Work yet........ I have alot of releases this month. PLAYBOOK(TITAN), REAR DELIVERIES(RAGING STALLION), ASYLUM(FALCON), REDLIGHT(MUSTANG) all this work is out there. Redlight will be released on March 4 go pick up that movie(Despite the Cover Issue). Redlight is another shining effort of my Work, where I put on a Fuck Clinic, using Tristan Matthews as my Muse.

Now some Issues that I wanted to talk about...... I always talk about the Good Work and the Great Performances.... What about the Movies that were Good but not Great....?????

I had some performances that I wasn't proud of..... An Auditions Tape by a East Coast Producer... My worst work ever....the body wasn't right, knew nothing of angles, and no chemistry with scene partner but I pushed through it. Great Ending of that Story...... The cameraman was Tony DiMarco, when he came to Raging Stallions, I was the first one he called to be apart of the Rear Deliveries production. Thanks Tony...Nice ending to that chapter....

Next not so Hot Performance was in HITCH...... Friends who saw the scene said I did a decent job.... but in looking at that footage, U could tell I was nervous. I had some chemistry with scene partners... but I was living Inside of My Head at the time. I was taking in the whole situation. It was an outdoor shoot, threesome, fisting, train fucking and I was just in Shock at the time(My First Studio Film)... My Next scene after HITCH was FOLSOM FILTH.... By Folsom Filth I really learned the Camera angles, Positions, and How to look like a Finished project(Large and In Charge)on screen.

Next project that I worked on... that wasn't my Best, BREAKERS my scene in comparison to the other scenes of the movie, fell kinda Flat. I had amazing Chemistry with Scene Partners, and just had a good time. I think the problem with the scene was that, (the bottom) had more chemistry with Me, than His other scene partner. I was into both guys.... But like a Trooper I kept Up the Energy for the Scene and pushed through it.... There is some Amazing Water Sports Footage, where I Piss over a Truck(Yes Piss Over a Truck)in that scene.... I had to take over the Scene to keep Up the Pace..

But I already talked about these Movies not being my Best Ever!!!!!.... but I have a New One to Add.... My Bound Gods Shoot.

I take my work very serious and I went over to the Bound Gods site. The reactions and comments to the Scene were Not so Good......

I could Finger point..... but I learned my Lesson with that... Truth be known about the Bound Gods shoot. First, that was My first time in Bondage of that Nature... My balls were tied off, wrists bound, blindfolded and I was roped from Head to Toe. It took 30mins just to get me Tied Up(Body Wise) it then took another 20mins to Tie me down to the Rack..... So already we have 50mins of me being Tied Up just to start the scene..
Secondly my Scene partner was Very Nervous in doing this scene... Because Of my Size and Intensity... So there I stayed, Tied to a Rack for 2hours(No Joke!!)While my Scene Partner had to "Mentally Prepare Himself" for the scene.
Lastly, by the time we got ready for the Scene...I was tired of being Tied Up, and my Legs were getting tired. I was Mentally tired and just wanted the Scene to Finish, I was there for 3 hours in Rope and was Dead(didn't want to get untied cause it would take forever to Redo it). By the time the first scene was done, I was tied up for about 3 1/2 hours...... and we had three more scenes to go!!! I kept Up the energy the Best I could...but even I have limits.... Remember this is my First time in Full Bondage(with balls tied)so the blood wasn't flowing to all my parts after that!! But I still finished the Scene, and still had a Monster Fuck In it..

So to the Haters, I could have forgotten about my Not So Great Scenes..... But as a Performer(a Good Performer) U always go over Ur past work and correct Ur mistakes.... It's easy to talk about Ur Good Performances... but a True Performer goes back to his Not So Great performances.... in the Hopes of Correcting It. It's My work and I want to Leave nothing but Great Work behind me.....

So those are my Not So Great Scenes.... My Greatest Scenes(in no Real order)

Folsom Filth
Cop Shack 2 Crossing the Line
Folsom Prison
Double Standard
Rear Deliveries
What Happens in Vegas(being Edited as We Speak)

So its Crunch Time.... These days are taking longer to finish... I'm waiting for the Gayvn's and getting to the awards already... If I don't Win fine!!! I just want to get it over with and done!!!


Best Performer
Best Top
Best Sex Scene (Duo)

Vote for Diesel Washington Best Top(that's the important one!!)at this Year's Gayvn's

Peace Bitches!!!!


Markus Ram said...

Glad I made it into the "good" scene list! ;-)

cwbybearmd said...

Your scene towards the end of "redlight" is the best..so much so I envy the bottom :)
much love always,MikeD