Thursday, March 05, 2009


Above Are the Pics of from Redlight.....There are So many Pics that I love.... This was Fun and Intense Shoot!!! Despite the Bigger Picture... I had the chance to watch Redlight yesterday....Wow!!! I really pushed the Skills in this One!!!

*****Disclamier******** The Sex Position "The ShotGlass" was done safely.... There was Only Water in the Bottle!!!*****Disclaimer****** Only Water in Bottle**** Fans have stated that using real Booze can have Harmful effects!!!!!*******Disclaimer*****

Okay I had my words over the Cover..... I'm over it!!! I keep telling People U can keep trying to bury Me and I will always rise to the Top. So here is the Count Now!!!

PLAYBOOK (TITAN) Diesel as a Real Jock (Classic)

REAR DELIVERIES (RAGING STALLION) Factory Worker(First Movie Free Agent)]

ASYLUM (FALCON) Security Guard in Mental Hospital(Roughest Fuck to Date)

REDLIGHT (FALCON/MUSTANG) Diesel as "Big Boss" a pimp working over a New Boy(Fuck clinic for the Bottom In Ya!!)

All the Movies are in store Right Now!!! Now this should quiet all the Haters!!! In each Movie, Im a different character, Different Fuck Styles, some Acting, New Positions(Motorcycle, ShotGlass) I tried to show a Wide range of Skills and its funny, in none of the Movies, Do I do my trademark of WaterSports... Im the King of Piss, but I focused more on the Acting and Fucking and Mixing it Up a Bit.

What More Does it Take????....Tell me!!! I have done the Monster Fucking!!! Romantic, Kinky, HardCore Fetish(FootFucking), Pissed Over Trucks and People(Sagat) done the Wildest Stage shows.....

At this rate.... U only thought I could Power Fuck.. Im winning Awards for Most Passionate Sex Scene(Hard Choice Awards)for Double Standard, over other Models that were nominated that were either dating/are dating at the time of their Scenes(LOL), U guys know the story behind that Shoot that was a Hard One for me.

Movies that I wrote the Script for (Folsom Prison, Double Standard, Playbook) are being recieved quite well with Reviewers and the Fans. Im so Excited right now!! Im at a Happy place.

I worked Hard for Myself!!! When I look over past posts, I wrote with alot of Passion... I have so many Goals that I set for myself, I take Setbacks Hard!!! And my emotions Run deep sometimes.... But Im taking Step after Step to keep producing Better Work with each Movie!! I have So many Tricks Up My sleeve!! More Positions, More Acting........

And now Finallly, I get the Word to Work for Chi Chi.. and She is Looking for WaterSports????? I havent done a Movie yet that Focused on All the Tricks I can do with Piss and How Really Nasty I can Get with Piss.... So this is a Treat for Me!!! There are no Limits when it comes to Piss, I will be that Nasty Piss Pig. Sorry Damien but Im about to show Ya!!! How Nasty I can Get!!(In a Safe Way though LOL)

So? What Esle to Say???

Im Happy and Single(only Bad thing)and Soon headed to LA to shoot...

Things are looking Good..

Countdown to GAYVN'S......

Nominated for Best Top, Best Sex Scene, Best Performer

Vote for Me!!!

p.s. Yeah the Blog was kinda of Cocky and Stuck Up!!! But Some People reading this, Know nothing of the Business, so I have to Enlighten the Ones that dont know the Business.

Remember, I didnt read a handbook on How to be Successful in this Business..... I was taught at a Young Age, to Be the Best at Everything U can Touch!!! Or at Least give Ur Best everytime to Set up to the Plate!!

Bah Bah Bah bah....Im rambling now... but I waited and waited for all the work to be out there....Finally it is!!!!

So go and See the Skills Free Agent Style!!!!


Nasa said...

hi big D. wish you all the best in the awards and hope u win big this time round.


Anonymous said...

Hi mate....ok.."How Really Nasty I can Get with Piss.... So this is a Treat for Me!!! There are no Limits when it comes to Piss, I will be that Nasty Piss Pig. " Im all ears!!! and eyes!! how about some hints....come one....mmmmm.....Rgds...Laurie