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I came Harsh at M.L. for these comments:

It looks like you actually don't watch my movies. If you did, you'd know that I use a lot of Black models in my films. In fact, all of my movies so far this year have had black men. I would love to use more, but unfortunately, Black models are not that open to appearing in adult gay films. It of course has a lot to do with the rampant homophobia in the African-American community, and models are just scared of being in productions._ M.L.

I also have lots of black friends who are drag queens. They tell me that the overwhelming majority of insults (and even physical attacks) come from black men.

I'm well aware about Black homophobia from the African-American models I talk to, whether they come for an interview and change their mind because they're afraid of being recognized. I also know about this from listening to rap, watching the media,

Eastern European homophobia and black homophobia are on the same level. Of course, you're right in saying that homophobia exists in many nations, particularly in Eastern bloc countries like Poland and Western European countries like Spain and France _M.L.

Statements like this Triggered a Reaction out of me... because this simply is not entirely true!!! Im Living Proof... I Live in the Black Community and Im not scared to be in a production....

I just wouldn't want to be in any more Of Urs!!!

Even Damien Crosse left ya a comment:

Really, Spain is homphobic? You're completely clueless.

Posted by: Damien Crosse at March 15, 2009 07:04 AM

So enough was enough..... I had to speak my Mind....I do not Back down...and these comments made me want to challenge M.L..... Who gives Ya the right to speak about Issues that U merely read about or got HearSay and Gossip from. Ur friends told ya stories and added Shock Value to make the Plight seem even worse...And U bought it!!

It was brought to my attention that M.L. posted some comments on his blog about me.... Very Interesting..

Here is a paragraph from a post by Diesel Washington about me. My comments are in red:

Now lets talk about the whole M.L. thing, I read his blog about the Homophobia in the Black Community....BULLSHIT...... M.L. knows nothing about the situation... (Really? Do I not read newspapers, watch TV, or listen to rap?) He really needs to stop opening his mouth about subjects he knows nothing about.... He really should stick to talking about what he knows best.....The Russian Jew thing!!! I don't care if he employs Black Models in his movies or what not... U cant speak about things that U know nothing about.... I had to check M.L. a few times at the Gay Porn Summit in 2008 for making comments that he knew nothing about (what the hell is he talking about?). Its all Hype and Bullshit and he is taking things too far.... I'm here to give him a reality check... STOP TALKING ABOUT THINGS THAT DON'T EFFECT YA!!! (Actually, it does affect me very much, as it affects any gay man, no matter what color he is). Ur not Black, or ever will be Black, (It's very insightful. I will never be black, but I see no problem talking about any issue that any community of the world has) so stop talking on the behalf of the Black Community... (Actually, I never did talk on behalf of the black community)

He reacted to my response to the question which was posted on my blog, that resulted in conversations on many blogs including this one. The reason that there are not enough black models in mainstream adult films stems from the homophobia in the African-American community. The majority of bloggers agreed that Lucas Entertainment is a studio that employs the most African-Americans (Including Rod2.0 -- See the comments following the post.)

Diesel Washington is not the sharpest knife in the drawer, and he decided to make an Anti-Semitic comment, where he basically said that I should shut up and only talk about the "Jewish thing." This points out the Anti-Semitism in the African-American community, which I believe goes back to the 1960s (Check out articles here and here). I don't take Anti-Semitism lightly, so I left a message for Keith Webb at Titan. I haven't heard back from him yet. But I wanted to bring it to the industry's attention. Lots of industry professionals are Jews, and I don't think that such comments should be tolerated.

On a sidenote, I'd like to point out Diesel Washington's confusion. Diesel is saying that in order to comment on the black community, one should be black. WRONG! One doesn't have to be black in order to comment about African Americans, just like one doesn't have to be white to talk about the white community.

PS: Please don't get me wrong. I am very friendly with the guys at Titan Media. I collaborated with them on projects and the comments by Diesel Washington does not reflect at all on Titan Media, though I believe that Titan should take appropriate actions.

by M.L.(East Coast Producer)

Firstly, I'm surprised such a Big Man and Studio Head is coming after me.. for some remarks that I made on my Blog....and its Funny that he is responding to Me... I'm just a Porn Model right???? Who reads my blog right????

Lets go piece by piece shall we???? I said he knows nothing about Homophobia in the Black Community!!!! I STAND BY THAT!!!! Saying that U read Newspapers, Watch TV, and Listen to exactly my point!!!

M.L. U believe what U hear in the News, Newspapers or in Rap Lyrics(Rap Lyrics???)...I listen to Rap(and its called Hip Hop!!) I don't hear many songs speaking about Homophobia or Blacks trying to get into the Porn Business LOL!!! And Newspapers Wow!!! So Insightful. I said U know nothing as in...... U don't walk in my shoes..U don't live in the Black Community... U live in some High Rise downtown.. So Ur way out of touch!!! I live in Harlem Buddy!!! But Seriously.....I have My Ups and Downs Living as a Black Man in America..Somethings that U will never experience... because Ur not Black!! So How could ya Understand?????

Secondly, that's Ur Problem.... U want to talk about any issue that any community of the World has(which is Ur Right!!) But shouldn't Ya Live in the Community First????? Ya know.....maybe Live with the People that U want to talk about?????...Not just Lets Say... SIT In Ur HighRise Apartment writing blogs.... when U know U would Never Live in a Black Community(lets say Harlem, Bronx and in the projects, not Glam city) and get the real story firsthand from the Community, U claim to know so much about....

Oh... U don't remember that We sat on the same panel in(2008).. In San Fran talking about the Porn Industry as a whole......and Once again U made Statements about the Black Community.....While I was On the Panel.... and I had to correct you On certain Key Points???? I guess U would forget that....Nobody likes to be Corrected... Esp the mighty M.L.

Lastly the Anti-Semitic comment......Wow!!! How Low Can U go???? I didn't say U should only talk about the Jewish thing.... I said the Russian Jew thing(Conflicts Overseas)..... Meaning I read Books, and Newspapers and the blogs....I read when Russian tanks and soldiers poured into South Ossetia, which fought a war for independence from Georgia in the early 1990s. Russia said it was protecting its citizens and peacekeepers from a Georgian attempt to secure the capital, Tskhinvali (Last Aug). but I wouldn't talk about that on my Blog..... because I'm not Russian, I'm not Jewish... and I don't live in Russia....So maybe that's Me??? I wouldn't talk about anything, I didn't see or Live firsthand. So Just because I read about it Online, or in a Newspaper Or listened to KRec(Russian Hip Hop Artist)doesn't make me the Mouthpiece for Russian Jews...

Keith Webb knows I'm No way Anti-Semitic.... and to say that to make me Look Bad is Low!!! I have Dated Jewish Men, had Sex with Jewish Men.. So to show ya how Out of Touch U are...My Agent Howard from Fabscout is Jewish. So I don't know where Ur going with that????? Also I haven't been a Titan Exclusive since April of 2008(My Choice). That's Probably why U haven't Heard a Word from Him.....

M.L. Ur such a Busy Man.... Ur running A Huge Company.... Why would want to come after me??? Ur making Million Dollar deals...flying around the World....bah bah bah

Its Funny to see How U came into Arms when U thought I said something Anti Semitic...when I didn't. I guess Ur coming after me because It hit Too Close to Home for ya!!!....

So Now U know How I feel when U talk about the Black Community!!!!.... I'm just a Struggling Porn star, Ur a Studio Head with a Popular Blog that people read, so of course Ur statements hit a Broad audience....I just don't agree with some of the Statements U made... And seeing that I'm One of the Few Popular Black Performers out there who also writes a popular blog, I will defend the Black Community, when U make statements that have little merit to the Overall Picture....of Homophobia in the Black Community. It goes deeper than What U see on the Surface. Yeah U use Black Models in Ur Movies.... fine!!! Ur Helping to Fix the problem.. Congrats!!!! I really mean that....We are Fighting the Same War!!!

But It goes deeper than being scared to do Gay porn for fear of what Our community thinks.... Maybe another reason why its Hard to Get Blacks into Gay Porn....maybe because Some of America, still has a warped Idea of Beauty that U Have to Be White, Blonde/Brown. Blue/Green Eyed to be called Hot!! So Why Come into the Work Field when Ur already Stereotyped to be a Thug or Homeboy for Certain roles?????

I don't understand Ur Tactic M.L. I came into this Business to Show..... Men of Color could become Popular Stars through Hard Work and being a Good Performer.


And M.L. I'm starting to see How U operate...

U came to attack me...

Just Like U came after Brent Corrigan, Carlo Masi, Adam Champ, Raging Stallions U seem to be getting Bitter at something?????



Anonymous said...

this is reminiscent of a show I saw on bigotry and prejudice...

Every ethnic group was asked a series of questions about racism and how it affects other ethnic groups, as well as their own ethnic group.

One question in particular caught my attention, where it asked: out of all the groups assembled, which experienced the most prejudice?

The results were surprising to everyone involved, the majority of each ethnic group, with the exception of the Caucasians, answered their OWN ethnic group. (Mind you, even SOME Caucasians answered their group as well)

When the answers were read, each group was shocked to learn their group didn't get the majority of votes. Emotions ranged from anger and frustration to hurt at this revelation.

I think people take for granted history and don't learn from it, they use it in a way to place blame and hold their group as the one experiencing the most forms of bigotry today. They inadvertently place their group on a pedestal as a result.

Can't we as a culture accept bigotry/hatred/prejudice as bad, regardless of what kind it is?

It seems collectively an issue whomever it's directed at; we must as well be vigilant within our OWN groups to fight it. Because ALL groups, including African-Americans, Caucasians, Asians, (and whatever people like to call themselves) can exhibit prejudice. Gay or not too.

Anonymous said...

This is some drama in ALL CAPS and italicized.

Tré Xavier said...

Diesel, forget about him just as I have.

I spoke out on what he said as well putting comments on various blogs, and he tried attacking me as well here(

I'm actually started him on his tirade because I'm the "Ted Knowles" that he originally referred to in his blog. I used an name giving it no website to connect with for the express purpose of him feeling free to comment without thinking someone who could easily and eloquently respond was on the other end. Becasue let's be realistic, his past actions show that he's a bully in these matters. If he feels you can fire back truthfully and effectively, he'll keep his retaliation to a minimum. Hence why he has left his attack on me on that lesser known blog and has yet to bring my name up on his own blog.

With your well-spoken return of fire, he will probably do the same to you. KUDOS!

Black Porn Model said...

I recently read some comments made by Michael Lucas on his opinions about why there are so few Black models used in mainstream porn movies as well as his opinions on what makes him qualified to speak on such issues. What makes this even more interesting is the fact that diesel Washington got into the discussion causing Michael Lucas to go after his career Bill O’Reilly style... I have an opinion and I’m involved in porn so here’s my 6 cents:

I’m a Black porn model on the West Coast, I know of what I speak. I can safely say that although the Black community has issues dealing with and acknowledging homosexuality, I don’t think this is a big contributing factor in the low numbers of Blacks in porn. There is not a shortage of gay Black men willing to be in porn movies. There is a shortage of mainstream studios that hire Black men as well as a lack of diversity in Black casting.

You don’t often see Black men in the mainstream videos and when you do, it is usually a tall, dark skinned overly muscular, mandingo fucker or the Black Abercrombie prepster and the few that are lucky enough to be embraced by the masses seem to have to resort to extreme techniques in order to become A- listers. Take Diesel Washington for example, he is a hugely popular Black porn star and it is no coincidence that he has to resort to extreme stunts such as letting guys piss in his mouth on stage in order to stay on top (“I spent alot of time with Dean Flynn catching up.. and talking about the business...Well Bullshit!!! I was making out with Dean, and drinking His Piss... Ummm I like Piss... and Dean Flynn???? Come On!!! The Man is Hot!!! Since being in the business... I drank Damien Crosse piss, Matthew Rush piss, Zack Randall piss, and a few others.... Dont Hate Me... These guys are Hot!!! If U were a Porn star and U get to meet these Hot guys and they are Attracted to ya as well... U would be nasty Pigs too!!!” - Diesel Washington blog excerpt March 23rd 2009) and even with all of this, he still doesn’t have an exclusive contract and complains of race as a barrier to higher success.

The studios need to try using as much variety when it comes to casting Blacks as they do with White models. Mainstream gay porn fails to see the marketability in Black twinks, jocks, power bottoms, and muscle bottoms. They are under the false assumption that mainstream buyers only want to see the nasty Black macho fucker - and sparingly at that! I have first hand experience with top tier studio casting heads telling me that my double digit hung, lean muscular build isn’t right for porn, while at the same time hiring White guys of the same look for top dollar and rewarding them with tons of work and contracts.

If you want to see Black porn actors you have to resort to second tier porn aka ghetto porn. There you will find a vast array of Black porn types, but it is hard to appreciate them due to the low budget production..Those ingredients don’t exactly lure the cream of the crop, but even when they do manage to produce a star, that person is virtually ignored by the mainstream. It seems like it would only be natural that once a second tier Black porn model starts selling large numbers of dvds that the big boys would start approaching with offers, but it doesn’t happen.

I do not think that racism is to blame, I think that incorrectly assuming that mainstream viewers only like the Black macho fucker and/or the Black Weho/Chelsea/Village type (I call this type “Black Lite”) is real issue

I think it is laughable that Michael Lucas would cite the media and entertainment mediums instead of actual Black people that he meets in the general public for his research on issues of homophobia in the Black community (“Really? Do I not read newspapers, watch TV, or listen to rap?” - Michael Lucas response to a claim that he knows nothing about Black homophobia). Anyone who depends on the media or the hip hop music industry for true insight on an entire group of people is a truly misguided and ignorant person. Straight people judge gays based on media depictions and that is not accurate and has not served us well, why the hell would it be appropriate within our own microcosm?

Black Porn Model said...

Let's not forget that another huge reason for the low numbers of Blacks in gay porn has to with the fact that many White and latin co stars simply refuse to be partnered with us. It's the same thing you see on social sex sites such as, in most of the big cities the majority of Whites, Latins and Asians tend to seek out oth Whites and latins only as if anything else is deemed too ethnic.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for asking, who is M L?

Markus Ram said...

I agree with much of what Black Porn Model said except I will counter and reiterate that although some stereotypical castings happen (or not) because the studios are trying to cater to what they think the audience will or will not respond to, there is still a helluva lot of non-casting happening because of the race-based preferences of the studio heads. Trust me, it's there and we have all seen it.

And yes the last piece of the puzzle is other models and their racial preferences causing a black model to not be hired. I can't say I ever had it happen to me on a shoot, but I know Diesel has and certainly have many other black models.

What's funny is that many of these guys probably voted for our current president to lead the country out of the state we are in, but would never let somebody like him touch them sexually. Yeah, seems kind of fucked up to me too.