Monday, March 02, 2009


Back to Road Trip, after we were at the Gas station(and somebody asked Us for Money) we stopped at Subway first!! I love my Subway!!! While at Subway I was Talking to Barrett about the porn star Kurt Wild working at Subway... And then the Idea came to me, U have Kirk and then U have Kurt, so we put this Funny skit together.... There is No drama between Kirk Cummings and Kurt Wild this is all for Fun!! The Joke is that Kirk is getting "Two Foot Long Subways" ding ding *hint (Barrett and Diesel)

Okay It was a Long Night..... We went out had some drinks and then it was time for the Scene...

Now Barrett likes to jump right into it, I Like to Have the Set UP before hand and get all the positions and action down!!!! I like to have that down, before I even walk on set. Things were worked out, Barrett likes to have long oral sessions, and just face fucking his boys, and plenty of Dirty Talk. I on the other hand, played backseat to the Action, just watching.....

Now that doesn't sound Exciting at all... But its Barrett's Movie not mine!!! I wanted to lay back and watch the Action.... and when It came to the Fucking..Then I would be the Monster Fucker that U all Know and Love!!

It starts out in a Club where We pick up Kirk Cummings from the bar. We exchange Names, some small talk and then he leaves with Us back to the Resort for some Night Fun.

I think this will be a highlight scene for Kirk he took alot of punishment, We took turns tagging his Ass, then putting him through some Trademark moves(Bully, Motorcycle) and then some New Ones (CannonBall not shown, Human Spit Roast)And Barrett Pounded Him with His Big Dick as well..... his hole was so stretched and swollen... He was so Happy..... He ran and got his camera to take a picture of His Hole that Night(LOL). I SHIT U NOT!!! That's a Pro!!! LADIES AND GENTLEMEN THE HUMAN SPIT ROASTING OF KIRK CUMMINGS shown below.

Since Everybody treated Us so Nice at the Party, We wanted to Show Off the Human Roast, this was the position that I created!!! ( a Reg Spit Roast, is when One guy takes the Mouth to Fuck and the Other Guy takes the Ass to Fuck) Have U ever seen that same move done, Airborne and the Bottom rotated 360 degrees three times?????? I THINK NOT!!! Since Kirk was still Sore, We decided to do it with clothes On!!! In the Movie U see the Real Thing..

So not only Do I come Up with My own moves, but I can collaborate with Another Top and Make Magic on the Screen People!!! U HAVE TO GIVE ME PROPS FOR THAT!!!

So Scene is finished and Now its time to party, the Nice Guys at the Resort made Us "It's A Wrap party" upstairs in the Big Suite. So of course for the Fans, I got out my Camera and Hammed it Up with my Co Stars of the Movie.

So there is the Las Vegas trip, I had a good time. Got some Good footage!!! Made some New Friends its all good!!!

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