Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I just put the last post up, and already I'm getting flooded by emails........ Ummm this blog was created for entertainment purposes!!!! It was meant to entertain and also shed some Light on the Porn Industry....

I always write this blog in second person..... Meaning that the Editor writes as his character Diesel Washington....

At the same time. I write this blog just as a Fan of Porn........I get nervous like everybody else when coming to Meet their Idols or People who they Look up to in the Porn Business....

I was a Big Fan of the 90's porn and had my Stars and Favs that I jerked off to like everybody else....

What People I guess don't understand is that....... I have alot of Passion for this Business.... and I guess in my writings, people detect anger or the feeling of being ignored or Looked Over!!!

Well I cant Stop Myself from being Me!!! Already the emails say "Don't Use the Race Card" it tunes people out!!!bah bah Let my Work Speak for itself..........

I cant!!! I don't have a Big Studio behind me..... I don't have an assistant to handle my Flights or Gigs or Clients.... I do it all myself!!!! If I don't promote myself....nobody else will. But I want to Clear Up Some things that People don't know about Me or the Struggle:

I know this is Gay Porn, its one of the hardest jobs out there.. People have their own tastes when it comes to "Men" or "Boys" and there are some People that I wont Win Over.

I suppose to be in Shape every time I jump on the Set, expected to get Hard on the Spot. And do what is asked of me if it is within my Limits to do!!! Fuck and shoot My Wad!!is what they want....but I give Way Way Way more than that!!!

I give 110 percent to every Director that I have worked with...Gone Way Way out of My character's Limits just to perform!!!!

And for the Record.... I'm not the Hottest Guy, nor do I have the Hottest face, Hottest Body, Cock(Well that is another Story), But I never claimed to have the Biggest Dick.... But I give the Most I can with every Role..

Why Do I come on this Blog and just run my mouth???????

Because Its my Blog!!!!

I recently checked How many hits my Blog gets per day....... and I'm shocked!!!! I never thought so many people read this thing!! I get alittle nervous writing some posts because the Readers take everything in... and basically this blog is nothing but Rants and Ramblings....

Maybe I'm getting nervous that the Awards are coming up..........

At the same time, U people don't know How Important these Awards are to me. I worked very Hard last year(and this Year) I improved on my skills and brought more to the table for the Fans and the Industry!!!

But it goes deeper than that........ If U haven't noticed, I do one scene in a Movie!!!(One Scene), the last Movie that I had more than One scene was Telescope.

So maybe U understand now.... I get one shot to shine!!! One scene in a Movie!!! So I try to make that One Scene, a Mini Movie in itself. I don't have a whole Movie that revolves around me. The Last movie to revolve around Me, I wasn't even the Center Cover Model on the DVD(we know that already) Playbook the most recent Movie that I'm on the cover of, I only have One scene in that Movie, so I try to make that One scene count as much as I can, and it shows!!!(Pick Up Playbook)

I have been successful, Yes I have been!! For that I'm grateful...I truly am!!! All the nominations, all the press, all the attention!!!!

But What I want People to take from this Blog is that...... I'm just like Ya!!! I'm a Fan of Porn........I have been watching porn for more than 10years..

I knew the Companies, Models, Story Lines, Directors all of it....

So there I sat.....Like the rest of Ya!!! Saying I could do Porn, and wondering what its like to be on a Set with Hot guys, doing scenes and getting paided for it....

Unlike Most People, I got off the couch and said "Fuck it I want to Try!!" And then this Ride started. At the start, it was for money and just to do for Fun!!! But then I got into it.... I love to perform, Love the energy on Set, I love the Camera, I love the promotion of the Movie, I love the finished Project and I love the attention. What I love the Most is the Response from the Fans and Industry!!!

I made a promise to Myself... If I was to get into this Business, I would be the Best at it... And give all I have to stand out!!!

So Yes I'm Happy!!!

As far as naming names........ This whole post is my opinion!!! And only an opinion!!!

But its true.... Gay Porn follows certain trends..... there is always:
From past to Present

The Blond Boy bottom: Jeremy Jordan (past)- Mason Wyler (present)

Muscle Daddy: Colton Ford (past) - Bruno Bond(present)

Cute Twink: Sammy Case (not so distant past)- Brent Corrigan (present)

Cocky Jock: Cameron Fox(past) - TJ Hawke (present)

Fisting Pig/Pig bottom: Cole Tucker(past) - Alex Baresi (present)

Horse Hung Top: Michael Brandon(past) - ??????(I will let the Fans fill this out)

Fetish Guy: Nick Piston (past) - Tony Buff(present)

Muscle Bottom: Caesar(past) - Vince Ferelli (present)

Latin Hottie: Carlos Morales(past) - Damien Crosse (present)

and Lastly the Macho Black Fucker

Bobby Blake(past) - Diesel Washington(present)

So I'm just not flapping my Gums..... I know the trends.... its so Crystal Clear!!! But there are New categories to add that I see emerging in the Industry:

Gay4pay models

Exclusive Tops that bottom

Web Performers

I did my research.... I see the patterns and trends.... its an Old Blue Print that is still in place today!!!

That is what I meant about the "IT" boy comment....It follows a trend.... There is always the "IT" boy people cant get enough of them..... but seeing that it is a trend soon the "IT" boy falls into the Been there and Seen that pile. Soon they are over exposed and then companies move on to the Next "IT" boy.

And maybe its Harsh to judge someone else's work, Saying they are Stiff, or like Robots!!!! But its my opinion!!! And I stand behind it..... It wasn't an attack or trying to put someone down....If I watch a Guy's scene and he's kinda of Stiff then he is Stiff in my opinion!!! I do porn as well....... And I'm no way in Hell, A Stiff Fucker!!!! I put my back and hips into it every time!!! Judge for Yourself!!!

Lastly, I know Porn is a Business.....Some People like that I'm out spoken.... and Some People hate it....


I give all I can...now if a Company doesn't want to hire me because of my blog!!!! Then so be it!!!

The Studio's are paying me for my Talent and skills on set, and to sell DVDs. A Wise person(esp one that wants to make money!!!)would hire Me and then Use me to Blog as a way of promotion for the Movie.... So they are getting a Model who busts his Ass every time on Set... and a popular blogger that will add to the promotion of their Movie at same time!! But I guess, most people don't think the way I do.....

As far as running my Own company......... I don't think so.... I have seen the hard work people put into their sites and Companies....

A website that is something I can do... and currently working on.... I mean this is a website now!!! But I don't charge any money to view my blog or pictures... Other Porn stars charge for the service....but I'm not Ur Average Porn Star!!

I wanted to be Visible and give the Fans something to read..... when I was watching Porn, the models didn't use this forum and was a mystery!!!! I wanted to pull back the curtain and show what really happens when U do Porn...

The Ups and Downs...........THE REAL VERSION!!!

Now hopefully People will understand, why I feel the pressure more than ever now!!! It was my Life long goal to be a Porn Star and to be the very best..... That's all I know How to Give...... My Best!!!

Added that I wanted to be the First African American that really shook up this Industry..... Bring something so profound to the table.... that the Industry had to take Notice.... Not just be nominated for something.... as a Hand-Me-Down but Actually Win because of Talent and sheer Will!!!

People are reading this and saying "Wow Diesel is so Intense, He must not have a Life" and U know what????

I don't have a Life, I'm single!!! not dating anyone.....So my Work in Porn is my Life right now!!!and the rest of my Life goes to My Full time Job, part time Escorting, Personal appearances and touring to see Fans!!!

Now maybe People will understand me alittle better.....

I take my Work Personal, because its all I have at the moment!!!! I dedicated myself to my Craft!!!

I am missing out on Life????

Yup!!! but its only for the moment....I'm focused on my Goal in becoming the Best Top in Gay Porn right now!!

When I retire, then I can get My Life back and more on to other things....Right Now!! I have more work to do!!! To push myself one more step further to seeing that goal!!!

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