Monday, March 23, 2009


As promised Vid from the Event.... what people have to remember is that I living the Action.... and sometimes I don't have time to Whip out the Camera to get footage all of the time...

So People understand!!!... I write this blog...from the POV of a porn star..Diesel Washington!!!

Some of the Action starts because of me... So its hard to capture the Images when Our the one that's "DOING"

But I always try my Hardest to Show Life through my Eyes!!!! I'm not just a Porn Star I'm Porn star/Fan/Reporter/Performer.....I wear alot of Hats... So enjoy!!! Its not much Vid but U get the idea....

To get the better Idea... from a reporter that was there..... check out

There U have the party from the POV of a reporter/Press guy/Camera guy.... I was too busy Doing...and having Fun

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