Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I got word from Barrett Long that they are Editing "What Happens in Vegas" so look for that Soon. The HUMAN SPIT ROAST OF KIRK CUMMINGS coming soon. Also in that Movie is a Hot scene with Cameron Adams getting fucked on a moving Cart(Hot stuff) and alot of Acting and B roll work. So look for that!!!

When I was out in L.A. I did some Modeling for Channel 1 releasing, they have me in this Boxing gear which I think will come out Hot so look for that.

Nominated for Best Top and Best Porn star Website at the Rentboy Awards Vote for me!!

Nominated for Best Top, Best Performer, Best Sex Scene for GayVn's awards Vote for me!

I won Most Passionate Sex Scene by HARD CHOICE AWARDS.... thanks to the Fans!!!

I created two New Positions the "Cannon Ball" "Human Spit Roast" pics in "What Happens in Vegas" Blog

Okay with all the traveling and filming, People have been asking me Where is Dexter De Large????

He's here right with me, Diesel Washington has been so busy that I have been focused on working the Diesel character.

But Dont worry, He will be back!! Maybe even with a Project(Still Working Out Details)

I have been so busy.... there are alot of things that Im working on..

Comic Book character(yes a Comic Book)
Line of Clothes(jock straps, A shirts)
Directing Some Scenes
Working on Bringing In some New Talent
Doing more Scenes with Women
More Youtube Vids
Trip planned to Europe

All these things are planned for the future...

Mean while Im filming several scenes this month.....

Making plans for GayVn weekend
Personal Appearances in San Fran
Rentboy Awards
Grabby Awards
IML for this year

The Entertainment business runs about 6 months ahead of schedule...Everything is filmed and edited in that time. Promotional stuff have to be done, and getting the press on Ur side to put everything Out there.... This all takes time...

So U will see alot of things happening soon....

The Ride is about to start



Mike Kashey said...

I think you will be quite pleased with the end result.

Rafael Alencar said...

Hey sexy Diesel,
How are you?
I just read the whole blog...=)
Yeeeee, so cool....
I need to send you your black party picture...=)On the stage...
what's the e mail?
Big kiss,
ps: I took some pics with Pam's cell phone while you pee on our head, lol.