Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I dont know what is going.....

Dexter is Fucking Flipping out... I can't handle my Business without some Jealous Freak spreading Lies about Me!!!.. I'm getting really tired of sharing the space with Dexter!!!!

Dear Editor:

This is Diesel...U know Diesel Washington??????? I dont think Diesel and Dexter can share the same space....He needs His Own Space.... U created Us...If He Dies.. Then I Die. But he needs His Own Space...

If U Can Help and Give Dexter DeLarge his own space... I think We can Work Better... I have alot of things going on right now.. And I need all the Attention on Me for Now.

Please Help Us
Diesel Washington

Okay this is the First Time I called for AnyBodies Help... I do Things My Way!! But Dexter Is getting Out of Control....

Too many things Going on and I need to be focused!

Sorry to the Fans for Dexter!!!

Sorry to all the Bloggers and People in the Industry... Dexter is cleary Insane

Lets Pray that He gets the Help He needs..

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